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Updated Events & Wishlist section

I’ve been inspired again.  This time, a friend of a friend of a friend who produces a monthly “events in London” email which ended up in my hands.  I knew some of the events, was planning to go to others, but some were completely new to me. I love people who are keen to try new things, I want to be like this myself – its why I started this blog in the first place.  

I must admit I haven’t been out as much lately as I would have liked – sometimes events take over that mean you don’t get as much spare time as you want.  But I’m back to planning all the things I want to do.  Yes, I’m a lady who likes making lists.

So thanks to the friend of a friend of a friend I’ve updated my Upcoming Events & Wishlist section at the top of the page which I’m aiming to update regularly.  This contains information on exhibitions, plays, comedy and other events that I’m definitely doing or want to do; I’ve also added my wishlist of bars and restaurants which should save me reminding myself (and my poor friends and El G) all the time about places I want to go. 

As always I LOVE suggestions of new places (although at the moment its making me feeling a little guilty!) and will post about what I find.  Due to waistline issues, the search for the best burger in London is postponed until I’ve lost at least 1/2 stone (the only downside to writing this blog).

Fun things to do in January

Update: This was posted last year – find fun things to do in January 2011 here

January is such a miserable month.  Everyone’s skint from Christmas, you can’t have much fun due to promises to lose weight or detox, and it’s so cold all you want to do is curl up on the sofa under a duvet. I missed pretty much all of January last year on holiday, and am very tempted to do the same next year. 

However, The Happiness Project London has deliberately booked some fun stuff this month to cheer me up and thought I’d share these with you.  I’d love to hear what you’re planning too and remember, warmer weather is just around the corner:

– First, and rather dull (but January is a dull month so its OK), I’ve started making giant pots of healthy soup – tasty, healthy and cheap – making soup is strangely soothing and the beetroot one especially tastes and looks awesome. 

– This Thursday, I’m going to see Dirty Dancing with the girls at the Aldwich Theatre not very cool I know but I’m in that thirtysomething bracket that grew up knowing all the songs, and apparently the bit when they say “No-one puts Baby in the corner” is worth the ticket price alone.  Actually very excited about going – ha!

– Annoyingly, even though I’ve not much in the diary this month, Dirty Dancing clashes with my friend Tom’s band – the Marthas & Arthurs (the “folk ABBA“) at Monkey Chews in Camden.  I’d certainly have gone along as heard they sound fantastic – definitely worth a look.  (Other good music on this month is Martha Wainwright at the Jazz Cafe tonight , Camille O Sullivan at the Apollo Theatre until 16th, and The Jazz In Paris Project at the Brasserie Toulouse Lautrec on 23rd). 

– On Friday (15 January) I may pop down to the British Museum to see some crazy-sounding Aztec-electronica music with singer, band and dancers, followed by drinks – I loooove all things Mexico.  One of THPL’s main supporters, subscribers and soon-to-be guest writers is helping organise this event so please pass on your deets if you want more info.

– On Saturday (16 January), I’m heading to Brixton market for the all-day food event with free food tastings, competitions, and pop-up shops and restaurants, including the wonderful Brixton Cornercopia where El G and I bought the most amazing home-made piccalilli (sp?) last weekend.

– Sunday, I’d like to go to the cinema – amazing films on at the moment and I’d like to see Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, Nowhere Boy or Nine.

– Next week I’m hoping to go see some live music with Pablo at The Slaughtered Lamb in Clerkenwell and to start my search for London’s best burger with El G at Byron on Gloucester Road (if you don’t know already, one of my greatest pleasures in life is a good cheeseburger and Byron has great reviews in London’s food blogs).   

– On Saturday 23, El G and I have been invited to a Burns’ Night – I can’t wait for more haggis although the whisky hangover is never great (if you fancy trying a Burns’ night then the  Ceilidh Club is holding various events at the Hammersmith Town Hall – I’ve been before and its great fun – lots of dancing, sweating, boozing and haggis).

– Finally, in the last week of January, I’m planning to see some comedy at Banana Cabaret in Balham, check out the Nat Finkelstein exhibition including photos of Andy Warhol’s Factory at Idea Generation and/or see the free photography exhibition Points of View at the British Library, and I’d like to go to Richmond Park to take some photos myself.