Upcoming Events & Wishlist

Disclaimer:  I’m not going to all these events.  I’d love to, but I just don’t have the time.  I’m going to many (and will report back) but otherwise they are events I’ve been to before, or that I’ve heard good things about, or venues that regularly hold interesting events.

Sometimes its exhausting thinking about how much is going on in London (hence why I cancelled my Time Out subscription!), but the key is trying something new now and again.  Hopefully this might give you some ideas….

UPDATE:  Please also note that I regularly post interesting events to the HPL’s facebook page.

Exhibitions & Events

  • Every Tuesday – Chanelling your Rachel from Glee @ Popchoir
  • Every second Friday – a brilliant reeling night oot @ the Ceilidh Club, Camden
  • Throughout December – carol concerts @ St Martins in the Fields church, Trafalgar Square
  • From November 2012 a new Electric Cinema will rise from the ashes of its fire – newly upholstered furniture and new sound – can’t wait to visit!
  • 22 and 23 June 2013 – open house at Eel Pie Island artists


22 responses to “Upcoming Events & Wishlist

  1. When booking theatre tickers in London, try Thetre Monkey to see seating plan to ensure you don’t have rubbish seats

  2. Theatre Monkey!

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  4. good list! I am also very good at making lists and not doing any of the things on them… I hope you are better…
    definitely see Money, really worth it. I was not so impressed by the skin exhibition (even though I am a skin scientist).
    I recommend the Finborough Theatre – they have usually very good stuff on.
    have fun with your London summer 🙂

    • Thanks Ute! I’d love to see Money – sounds great. My best play EVER was Walking in Chinatown at soho Theatre – love interactive, different, modern stuff. What a shame about Skin!

      Will check out Finborough Theatre too – thanks! Will have a good read of your blog ce soir as well.

      thanks for reading! Sasha @ The Happiness Project London

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  7. How’s this for an interesting one-off event. A tea party with music and dance at Dulwich Picture Gallery this Sunday afternoon 10.10.10. More info: http://bit.ly/9dRulJ

  8. I am going to see Glass Menagerie tonight, I’ll let you know how it is. I am amazed how similar our restaurant to do lists are, much for us to do when the Christmas craziness is finally over. Hope we manage to hook up soon in the new year! Ute xx

    • Oh yes we definitely should 🙂 I’ve been incredibly lazy and hibernatory this month, been really crap at doing ANYTHING, but plan to get better in January. Maybe a trip East to all the new stuff going on in Bethnal Green / Hackney, or finally going to Bocca Di Lupo or Polpo??! Also do tell me about your theatre things too. Lovely Christmas and see you soon x

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  11. love your wishlist – very inspiring. you MUST go to Scott’s – it’s awesome!

  12. and if you ever go to the amalfi coast, let me know, i can recommend some great restaurants on Capri 🙂

  13. ps sorry to poke my nose in, but if you fancy ballet classes, the place I go is fabulous – in Hoxton? Is that handy for you?

  14. David Westcott

    thanks so much for this page – it’s heaven!!!!
    been looking for something like this as a guide for ages..
    im a composer/culture vulture living by the lovely skirrid mountain in abergavenny, south wales and visit my old pal london every couple of months to get immersed in culture and all things stimulating… this will help!!!!
    thank you!


  15. Boycott Cargo, the management are horrid to staff there! Definitely not spreading the happiness.

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