Happy New Year & fun things to do in January

So here’s the start of 2011 and so far, so typical. Have awoken several pounds heavier than when I checked before Christmas, and am ridiculously dehydrafted due to overdose of wine-drinking and other assorted booze-related escapades over the Christmas season. Skin is terrible, I have spots and an unidentifiable illness that makes me feel crap and cough a lot. If we are what we eat then I am a wine-soaked slab of greasy bacon with a stilton and coffee chaser.

And yet, I am sure we have all done the same thing today. I weighed myself – yikes! – and then made various mental notes about my behaviour this month. Starting mostly TOMORROW of course (well, I have not the mental nor physical strength today). And then I had a breakfast of mango and pear smoothie (Gwyneth’s detox doctor in the Sunday Times says two – two! – of your meals per day should be liquid), green tea and a hard-boiled egg. I am craving a strong coffee but I won’t, I won’t! I have been gardening. And I’m taking my bike out to cycle to the supermarket to buy some ingredients for a veggie soup for laters. Which I will have with WATER not wine not wine not wine. I am planning to go to the gym tomorrow to slog it out with the other losers who haven’t been for the last month or so. I’m going to be dancing and yoga-ing all month. I will turn up to work early and leave at a decent hour. I will concentrate more, be focused and not get distracted. I even have a new pen…

…All of this sadly points to the inevitable fact that January is not going to be much fun (unless it is your birthday in which case, none of your friends will be detoxing, honest). However, there are still many many things you can do with your friends and fan-damily that can be a larf and needn’t involve boozing, pigging out or sitting on your sofa, so I thought some of these might be of interest:

  • To ignore your hunger and make up for lack of nights in the pub, you could get in some big-hitting culture – the Gaughin exhibition at the Tate Modern perhaps, or see a play like the Black Watch at the Barbican or FELA! at National Theatre.
  • In fact, this Sunday 9 January you can watch Buster Keaton’s The Navigator silent film with live piano accompaniment at the Barbican, which should be brilliant.
  • Or on Friday 28 January there are late night exhibitions of China Through The Looking Glass at the V&A and the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Natural History Museum.
  • A comedy night is bound to cheer you up although normally necessitates beer, sadly. There’s tons of comedy venues in London but for a nice intimate venue and good quality comedians, I really like the 99 club on Leicester Square, the Chuckle Club or Banana Cabaret.
  • If you can’t bear the thought of going to the gym (don’t blame you) then perhaps take a group of friends to do something active – cycle to Richmond Park and take some photos, have a bowling night at Bloomsbury Bowls or All Star Lanes, do the charleston or the tango at the Wapping Project or salsa at Bar Salsa, or indulge your guilty I-love-Step-It-Up-2 side with a hip hop class at Street Sessions which start at the end of January.
  • Or if you want to do lots of crazy Scottish dancing you can celebrate Burns’ night around his birthday on 25 January (see my suggestions for a DIY Burns dinner here) with a Ceilidh Club dance and haggis fest, although unfortunately whisky drinking is pretty much obligatory.
  • Wrap up warm and take a long walk down the South Bank and catch La Soiree featuring the stars of La Clique at the pop-up South Bank big top, followed by a wander down the Thames.
  • Finally, if you’ve done your detox and fancy a treat then both Gingerline and Leluu of Fernandez & Leluu (read my review here) are doing supper clubs on Friday 21 and 22 January.

I hope it isn’t too miserable for you all and as always please feel free to comment with stuff you’re doing that I may have missed. Hasta pronto 5 pounds lighter I hope x

4 responses to “Happy New Year & fun things to do in January

  1. have write up my January plans here: http://imeldam.blogspot.com/2011/01/why-january-rocks.html

    I will definitely be trying to look on the bright side of January and all that she may have to offer.

  2. Oh January January January, how you are grey and miserable. APART from the fact that it is my birthday and I can assure you noone I know has EVER managed to make it to the 20th and still be detoxing…

    I myself shall be assuaging all the guilt of 10 solid days in Italy drinking red wine, eating dolce latte, eating literally obscene quantities of pasta and drinking cafe lattes, eating tiramisu (is any of this making you feel any better, at all at all?!) by hitting Bar Salsa every Friday night, starting this week! More, if I manage it. Perfect for January and my impoverished bank account coz it’s practically free innit?!

    Good lucky with Gwyneth’s detox…I don’t think I’ve got the gumption for 2 whole meals to be made of liquid…I’ll be posting up lots of soup recipes on my ailing food blog if you need (scribblethenibbles.com).

    May 2011 be full of happiness! xx

    • Oh god Italy pasta and wine would be LOVELY right now. But I’m still trying the detox and I really do have a huge fat arse right now so do need to keep going on it. And then I’ll enjoy my occasional burgers much much more. Will keep checking your blog for soup tips.

      When we going wild swimming then eh?! x

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