My search for the best burger in London #6 – #Meateasy, Above the Goldsmiths Tavern, 316 New Cross Road, SE14 6AF

A lot of great things have been said about #Meateasy and I don’t know how much more I can add, except:

  1. Really do go, its not hype, the burgers really are excellent, as are all the sides, in a gloopy cheese-and-meat-laden slightly down and dirty Americano style
  2. Really delicious actually, when I think back to our meal last night I salivate a little bit
  3. As well as the burger, try the Mac n Cheese which is delicious, the chilli cheese fries, the chilli cheese dog and the onion rings
  4. No-one in our party touched the slaw really but it was good too
  5. LOVE that thick gloopy yellow mustard stuff, and cheese, on EVERYTHING
  6. You have to wait a bit for food (for us – about 1.5 hours) but this is fine – the atmosphere is really good and LOUD, great music, a cool bar, drinks served in jam jars
  7. It’s great value – £15 each for a ton of food
  8. New Cross is a really cool area – with Goldsmith college near, its arty and quirky and cool. Lots of pork pie and bowler hats last night
  9. The staff at #Meateasy are very cool and nice and professional – they got it spot on, you feel well looked after 
  10. I’m 3 pounds heavier this morning. Sadly not an exaggeration

So there you have it. #Meateasy is actually brilliant and it definitely wins the award for the best burger I’ve ever had in London. I have to say I don’t feel especially great this morning, the day after the night before, but I think it’s because the food is a little sloppy (as its supposed to be) and I’ve got that post-fast food type dirty feeling. Oh and also we drank a lot of “corpse revivers” at the bar.

Its open until mid-April (after which I’d be AMAZED if they don’t open up a permanent place ) so you should go along when you can. If you don’t know, New Cross is sort of between Brixton and Peckham but you can easily get there from London Bridge too. Enjoy the photos below. This was my second burger this week – the diet begins again tomorrow.

#Meateasy on Urbanspoon


7 responses to “My search for the best burger in London #6 – #Meateasy, Above the Goldsmiths Tavern, 316 New Cross Road, SE14 6AF

  1. You were at the #Meateasy last night?! I was at the #Meateasy last night with my sister! I’ve been thinking all morning about what I’m going to write about it in a blog post because it was SO wonderful. How weird. If you saw someone wearing bright red baggy leg warmers that was me!

    • Ha ha! I was tweeting from there and wondering if there were any tweeties there too. Definitely saw a couple of other bloggers – there was a couple taking lots of pictures (how sad ahem). We were the rowdy group in the corner to the right of the bar… x

      • I sent a lone Tweet out with my sisters excellent verdict that “it tastes like I always thought a burger should but never managed to”, but I didn’t check Twitter to see if anyone else was Tweeting. Bumped into @theboydonefood though and wondered if there were any other Twitter-types in there. You must have been really near by then, we were sat just to the left of the black pole in front of the bar.

        Think I might know who you mean taking LOTS of pictures, there was a group sat behind us who had their cameras permanently out. I of course would do no such thing…*ahem*. Oh, I was also the loser who took a photo of the big block of ice behind the bar because it made me so happy, in case you saw anyone doing that… x

  2. It looks dirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrty. In a really, really good way.

  3. New Cross isn’t between Brixton and Peckham. Granted, it’s near Peckham but it’s nowhere near Brixton!

    Tasty-looking food though…

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