London Photography

Disclaimer: Yes, I realise that these are pretty poor.  They were all taken on my Nikon D40x, and were homework for my digital SLR course.  I was having a go at different shutter speeds, appertures and panning. 

I hope this blog inspires me to take more photos – to wander round London, really looking at it.  I even bought a tripod and everything.  So please keep looking in and I’ll post more photos as time goes on – hopefully they’ll get better🙂

UPDATE: Check out my flickr page for more photos of London – I’ll update it more as time goes on. 

UPDATE: Check out my post on being observant in London, which links to other great blogs for photos of London.







4 responses to “London Photography

  1. Photography is often learnt through trial and error. It’s an enjoyable hobby to have, and when I’m looking for things to take photos of, I often seem to find things I probably would have otherwise ignored had I not had my camera on me.

    Good luck with taking pictures, and have fun with it!

    • Thanks Doreen – my friend Lady B has just bought a camera so I like the thought of us going to Richmond Park or something and trying out cool shots. Its time and patience really (both of which I havent had much of lately!).

      Liking the look of your blog (although I’m a wine drinker!) – will check it out properly today! Sasha

  2. Hi, very interesting little blog! just thought I’d let you know that your flickr link doesn’t work however.

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