London Photography

Disclaimer: Yes, I realise that these are pretty poor.  They were all taken on my Nikon D40x, and were homework for my digital SLR course.  I was having a go at different shutter speeds, appertures and panning. 

I hope this blog inspires me to take more photos – to wander round London, really looking at it.  I even bought a tripod and everything.  So please keep looking in and I’ll post more photos as time goes on – hopefully they’ll get better 🙂

UPDATE: Check out my flickr page for more photos of London – I’ll update it more as time goes on. 

UPDATE: Check out my post on being observant in London, which links to other great blogs for photos of London.







5 responses to “London Photography

  1. Photography is often learnt through trial and error. It’s an enjoyable hobby to have, and when I’m looking for things to take photos of, I often seem to find things I probably would have otherwise ignored had I not had my camera on me.

    Good luck with taking pictures, and have fun with it!

    • Thanks Doreen – my friend Lady B has just bought a camera so I like the thought of us going to Richmond Park or something and trying out cool shots. Its time and patience really (both of which I havent had much of lately!).

      Liking the look of your blog (although I’m a wine drinker!) – will check it out properly today! Sasha

  2. Hi, very interesting little blog! just thought I’d let you know that your flickr link doesn’t work however.

  3. Thanks for sharing your images. I’m alsp undertaking a London photography project. It’s call Tubemapper and captures images taken near London Tube stations. Would love f you took a look.


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