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Come Dine With Me London-style: update I

As you may remember, myself and a group of friends are doing our own Come Dine With Me competition.  Each couple cooks a three-course meal for the others, who then rate the meal.  At the end, we’re all going out for a slap-up dinner at one of London’s best restaurants (to be decided) and the winning couple get a free meal.  Like your own little supper club and ultimately an excuse to see good friends, natter away, drink great wine and eat good food – I’m amazed at how much effort everyone’s made.

To inspire you to do your own CDWM sessions, here’s some photos of the food at our last supper (note: I was not the cook, obv).  Nom nom nom:

Starter – asparagus with pancetta and poached egg

Main – grilled seabass with olives and tomato salsa, baby potatoes and rocket

Cheese from Brussels (amaaaazing)

Pudding – mango and passion fruit pavlova with raspberry coulis

Come Dine With Me, London style


Have found the perfect way to ensure lots of socialising goes on within my group of very busy friends.  Competition is the key… We have set up a group who is willing to enter a Come Dine With Me competition – basically we have split into couples, each couple invites the others for dinner, then each couple rates the hosts, at the end we go out to a nice restaurant where the winning couple is announced and gets a free meal paid by the rest of us.  Just a really good excuse to cook nice food, see your friends more than you usually do, get a “group” mentality going.

I realise that I’m sacrificing or ignoring the “Give” part of the experiment, however I’m planning on some good giving soon – may be volunteering to help some homeless hostels, and raising money and resources for the same, more to follow!

UPDATE: J & N’s CDWM was ridiculous – 7 courses no less, several cocktails and wine and a 7 hour lunch – we have added some new prizes to help everyone else (best salt & pepper pot, best cocktail, most hungover guest, etc…)

UPDATE: Due to the large number of people doing their own Come Dine With Me dinner parties you can now make your own show.