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London sightseeing

The HPL is on holiday, yey.  And I’ve done a bit of impromptu sightseeing in this wonderful sunshine.  I’ve enjoyed taking my camera and getting some photos, although the results aren’t particularly amazing.  Anyway, here’s a few and look at the HPL’s flickr page for some more. Enjoy the sun this weekend – its going to be scorchio!!

Now thats the way to spend your lunch hour

The view of the London Eye from the Waterloo side

You could probably take some really interesting piccies of the pods

Attempts at long shutter speeds to capture how fast people are walking past

Attempts at long shutter speeds to capture how fast people are walking past

The Lambeth Palace (sadly closed to visitors apart from open days and guided tours)

Fairly average photo – but I like the bird that flew into the middle of it

The British Museum (check out the African garden to the front)

Some photos of Brixton Market

Here are some photos I’ve taken at Brixton market over the last two weekends, checking out the new pop-up shops and restaurants.  First of all, yes these photos still aren’t very good.  I needed to take them at a long shutter speed to get the light, but forgot to bring my tripod.  Also, still feel like a bit of a twat taking photos in public so I tend not to take enough time over them.  Anyway, these should give you at least a taste of the newly “popped-up” Brixton market.  Oh and the burger I had afterwards (at SW9, good burger – and they had some other interesting-sounding burgers like kangaroo and carrot, wild boar and ostrich – but not going to review due to sight welcoming me in the toilets – put me off my food almost as much as the one-eared cat in Antalya).