The Riding House Cafe, 43-51 Great Titchfield Street, Fitzrovia, W1W 7PQ

 The Riding House Cafe has just opened opposite Kaffeine on Great Titchfield Street and its a beautiful sight to behold. From the same peeps who brought us Village East and The Garrison, it has lovely warm orange leather lounge seats (reminds me of a beloved jacket I bought from Armstrongs in Edinburgh circa 1993 and the wallpaper I had growing up – 70s burnt orange, mmmm good one parentals), beautiful lights and antique wooden tables, wooden sideboards and tiles, lots of tiles (very Spuntino darling). Little cosy booths for gossip and wine and dates – this would be a great date place – and long tables for big groups and a nice long bar with people on their own reading papers and looking happy. Its a lovely set up, and I just loved the squirrel lamps (although I hope that all squirrels died of natural causes and / or of old age).

Pippalippa and I were lucky enough to go there on their opening day and tried their sharing plates – the food was incredibly yummy, delicately cooked and looked beautiful and well priced at £2-5 for each. Here’s what we had:

Sea bass ceviche – incredibly light, refreshing and tasty and perfect for ladies on diets with hangovers (hypothetically speaking) 

Squid and chorizo – yummy

Anchovy pepper-y crostini thing – very tasty

Moorish lamb – incredibly tender, beautifully cooked

AMAZING pork belly – deliciously crispy skin and melt in the mouth middle – absolutely wonderful (note we did manage some broccoli for some green stuff, veh nice too)

Food is 50% off at The Riding House Cafe until 3 May so go along for lunch, coffee or dinner. We shared 6 small plates, had a pudding each and coffee (nicer than Kaffeine’s imho eek) and it came to £12 each – bargain. Sadly no wine as we are very responsible and busy people (Pip can we go back to have lots of food and wine there please?!). Even at full price, I reckon you’d pay £30 each for food (the sharing plates are between £3 and £5 each and sides are a couple of quid) and wine, and it would be such a charming post-work dinner spot. A lovely addition to an already stunning assortment of places to eat in Soho, Fitzrovia and Covent Garden (I cycled past Kopapa tonight which was buzzing) – we’re spoiled for choice London! 

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16 responses to “The Riding House Cafe, 43-51 Great Titchfield Street, Fitzrovia, W1W 7PQ

  1. Nice review thanks – and just in time for some Easter weekend inspiration.

    Like the blog. If you’re curious, and optimistic, life gets a lot better doesn’t it! Chris

  2. £12 each?!?! That’s riDUNKulously good value for all that grub – I’ll have to get my bottom there before the deal runs out…
    Sounds like the perfect girly lunch – and with pork belly too! Always an important part of the equation I think!

  3. this is a great blog, i’m going to be here all day! thanks

  4. Sounds awesome! I’ve already booked a table for dinner next week (post-Lent, when I can eat sweets again) and am very much looking forward to my maiden meal there later!

  5. I so left Soho at the wrong time. May have to make a trip back.

    (Isn’t Armstrong’s FAB? My favouritest ball dress came from there. Brilliant place.)

  6. I agree – lovely food 🙂

  7. Ive just found out your blog, and I really like it. You give a lot of info, that we the foreigns dont know. Thanks, see ya!

  8. You have cracked it Sasha. Wonderful pictures! And top foody tips. Your site is an oasis in the desert of bad blogs! I can’t wait to hear what you ate in Espania. I am on a 3 week shoot in Paris so have been speed reading Twitter late at night through Vino glasses. Maybe you went on Hols to Essex?? I thought the sea bass ceviche needed a digtal kick up the arse…

  9. I’m late to comment but thanks for this! I work just around the corner so will definitely be checking this out!

    I’m curious too- where else would you recomend around Fitzrovia? I’m still getting to know it.


  10. marion garvey

    Fantastic food and service. Highly recommend

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