Trombone lessons in London

My TromoneWhen I was little, my mum sent me to piano lessons.  Then when I was a teenager, I gave this up and chose my own instrument.  Sometimes, I wish I’d picked the flute, or the violin, or the cello, all of which I think are beautiful and would have allowed me to join a nice little orchestra or string quartet, but no, I didn’t want to be like everyone else and I wanted to stand out in my all girl’s school.  So, I picked the trombone.  

I was pretty good too – the fact that there was hardly any other brass at my school meant that I got into the orchestra, aced the jazz band, and got to play at every school concert to show the breadth of our music department (theme from Jonny Briggs every time).  I even got to do a trombone concerto at the Queen’s Hall.  Eventually I got to around Grade 7.

However, school ended, I had to give my hired trombone back and I discovered other things – mainly clubbing and travelling – so from 18 until 31 I never played again.  Sniff…

Then just over a year ago, I decided I wanted to start playing again.  I’d been inspired to take up hobbies I used to love, and there is something that happens when you play music – a contentment that lifts your spirit – and I wanted to get that feeling back.  All part of The Happiness Experiment.  So, I contacted my old music teacher and he directed me to a fantastic music shop in Edinburgh, The Wind Section where I bought a new trombone for around £400. 

They also put me in touch with a trombone teacher in Edinburgh who, lo and behold, has a son who is learning trombone at the Guildhall.  Hello trombone lessons!  I had visions of me playing in a jazz band, doing a little solo…. 

Another 6 months later and things aren’t going quite so well… I’ve had two lessons, which were great, but I didn’t pick it up as quickly as I’d thought and need to practice, which, as a busy adult in London, has proved quite hard, especially as I’ve always found practicing a little dull and to need a lot of patience (of which I have very little).  So, my beautiful trombone is sitting behind the sofa, gathering dust, but I hope this blog will inspire me to start practicing, take up more lessons, and maybe, by the end of the year, see if I can join a band.


2 responses to “Trombone lessons in London

  1. J. Briggs is always a popular tune….can you play it yet?

  2. Just think how much it cost and remember your solo in The Queen’s hall in that sexy ice pink dress that the waiter spilt tomato sauce on!

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