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My search for the best coffee shop in central London #6 – Kaffeine, 66 Great Titchfield Street, Fitzrovia, W1W 7QJ

So I continue my search for the best coffee shop in central London using my Criteria and hit-list. And I finally made it to Kaffeine, the oft-praised antipodean coffee shop raved about by various twitterites including Tim Hayward. So me and the gorgeous Penelope, identical twin to Argentine Aileen, went there for lunch a couple of weeks ago and I thanked my lucky stars yet again for having lovely friends working close by for weekday gossip-filled lunches, the highlight of my working week.

Anyway, the food looked great so I bought a slice of quiche with salad, which was extremely yummers although at £6 on the pricey side. It was a chilled out relaxed place BUT the tables at the back were at the wrong height – you either have to bend down to reach your food/coffee or sit with it on your knee, not very practical. God that was dull, sorry.

Anyway, on to the coffee. I ordered a flat white which was £2.20 ish. They have a super duper “Synesso Cyncra espresso machine” which they are very proud of – when I was taking photos of the coffee shop they asked me if I wanted to photograph the coffee machine. I said no but only because Penelope had run outside in embarrassment and I did look like a complete dick yet again taking photos and it’s hard to pull off “excited tourist” in a suit. Anyway the coffee is Square Mile and apparently the beans are from El Salvador and Costa Rica. It was nice and creamy, tick. Good use of coffee art, tick. Tasty tangy taste, tick. And with a nice little kick, tick. BUT it was only lukewarm and since I’ve been getting into my coffee, this is my new pet hate. Coffee should arrive HOT so then you can sit around, holding it in your hands and looking pensive / sexy, and then sipping slowly, taking your time and thinking or reading or gossiping. If it arrives lukewarm you need to pretty much down it before it gets even colder which ruins the whole seduction. It may be that the fancy pants coffee machine means the coffee cools too much (and I know there is a bit of a wait for coffee), or because it was a Friday lunchtime and busy so may have sat on the counter, but anyway it needed to be hotter for my liking. And the low table at the back thing (dull).

So, for that reason, my favourite central London coffee shops remain Store Street Espresso and Wild & Wood. But Flat White is yet to come. Oh yes.

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My search for the best coffee shop in central London #3 – Wild & Wood, New Oxford Street, WC1 A1BA

 Continuing my search for the best coffee shop in central London, I stumbled across Wild & Wood on New Oxford Street and I think it may have jumped to the top of my list already.

The coffee is Monmouth coffee, changing every week and this week it was Guatemalan (which I’ve discovered I like mucho). Inside, its all cakes, wooden panelling, church pews and “please share tables” which makes for a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, and the pictures and movies are all 50s style. A few minutes walk from Tottenham Court Road and its a little bit of Central London peace and quiet.

I was solo on this trip and took my coffee to go, but the next time I’d love to stay and hang out longer – its the sort of place I’m sure you could while away the time with a book and some coffee. I also felt ridiculous taking photos on my own in this little coffee shop which reminded me that blogging is much more fun with friends – plus I can pretend that I’m taking photos of them or just reeeeally enthusiastic about the coffeee. I got a flat white at £1.90 and it was lovely – nicely creamy, only a little bitter with a nice kick which kept me going all afternoon. Also made me think why on earth people go to Starbucks et al when you can find a nice little coffee shop like this.