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The HPL urban garden

So Spring is sprunging in my little London garden and it looks fantastic. The daffs and crocuses I planted a couple of years ago are, as ever, popping out all over the place, and the bulbs I bought last year from Portobello Market with mi madre have appeared, to my complete surprise as I forgot I’d even planted them. That’s the fun of gardening – some of your hard work doesn’t show until much later on and when you least expect it. Its also such a peaceful way to spend an afternoon.

So Titchmarsh style, what should one be doing in the garden now? God knows – the planting of Spring bulbs should all have been done around September so all we need to do now is enjoy it really*. And we just need a little more sun and a few more degrees and its almost BBQ and Pimms time all over again.

*this is based on no knoweldge whatsover. We should probably be pruning and like weeding and stuff as well.