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London garden – Spring has sprung

A wee update from the garden.  This is what I love about gardening – the hard work you put in takes a while to take effect, but when it does you feel excited and proud, which is why it forms one of my happiness rules.

As you may remember, I did some tidying work after winter – clipping off dead bits to make the plants healthier.  At the moment, life appears to be coming back (phew – thought I’d killed off the climbing clematis from over-pruning) and the garden looks very pretty, all new shoots, new life, emerging flowers.  Here’s the results from the work I did last month:

1. The hydrangea


Clipping off dead bits


2.  Climbing clematis

Before – ressembles my hair in the morning

After tidying – follwed by panic that I’d managed to kill it

Now – not dead thank god

3.  Other signs of life