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Secret Cinema, Saturday 31 October 2009

n153596046777_641Myself and El G went to Secret Cinema at Halloween.  I’d heard of it through Facebook friends and the idea was intruiging – you buy your ticket, turn up to a location which is disclosed only the day before, and find out what film you’re watching just before it comes on.  Its secret, tell no-one, ssssh etc etc.  Previous events looked fantastic – a showing of The Warriors at London Fields with a big marquee rave up after, The Harder They Come at the Coronet Theatre which was transformed into a giant Jamaican party, the Story of Anvil at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire, where after the film the band itself took to the stage.

So, it was with great excitement that El G and I turned up to an empty car park in Shoreditch, having been given the address the day before and told to wear white.  It was all very exciting – we all had to wear white “contamination suits” while strange lights and sounds came from inside the venue.  An armoured personnel carrier turned up and people dressed in space suits came out.  The expectation and intrigue was high and the inside of the venue looked amazing – alien lifeforms, computerised images, actors dissecting body parts and crazy sounds.  We guessed the film was Alien – and it was.  I have to say I was slightly disappointed because I’d not seen any of the previous films they’d showed and I knew Alien quite well.  However, its a classic film and it was good to see it again.

Sitting down, about 800 people in identical white suits, Ridley Scott came on the screen and introduced his film. Although the venue and screen were great, and there was a real party atmosphere, the sound was pretty bad and I couldn’t actually hear much of the film.  It also felt a bit odd to sit and be quiet after the excitement of the arrival at the venue.  Secret Cinema is now sponsored by Windows Phone and the announcement of this heralded booing from the crowd – there appears to be some criticism that this corporate link has ruined the spirit of the venture.  After the film, there were drinks and Djs, however most people left – it was suggested that this could be a result of the number of Windows clients/employees invited (tickets were impossible to get even a week before) who are not the usual party crowd, or it could just be that Halloween parties distracted most people.

Either way, it was an unusual and intriguing night out and I’m looking forward to going to another one soon.