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The Perfect Sunday – Brockwell Park, The Lido Cafe and Piaf

1. Get out of bed slowly, cook some eggs, shower, buy the papers, walk to Brockwell park.  Take a nurofen, ahem.

2.  Walk past tennis courts.  Admire view of the City and say something about how lovely London is in the sun.  Decide to play more tennis this year.  Remember how you said that last year too.  Oops.

3.  Walk to Brockwell Hall and trip over several small people.  Smile because its a lovely crisp sunny day and the self-inflicted cobwebs are slowly dispersing. 

4.  Admire view of Battersea Power station, London Eye and similar. 

5.  Go to Brockwell Lido.  Decide that you’ll definitely go swimming there this summer when its hot.  Remember you said that last year too.  Oops.  Go to The Lido Cafe* and order a coffee.  Pick up leaflet and consider going back for £7 deal for burger, chips and a beer.  Mmmmmmmm burgers…

6.  Walk back past The Prince Regent and take a better picture of the cool “ghost” advert for furniture.

7.  Head to Dulwich Village. Get a table at Piaf.  Roast lamb, gravy, roast potatoes, yorkshire pudding and vegetables.  Glass of red.  Perfect.

* The Lido Cafe does a burger, chips and beer for £7 on Wednesdays.  On Thursdays from 8pm there are various events including music from Franks Casket and the Fruitful Earth on 11 March, comedy from The Late Night Gimp Fight and Friends on 18 March, and a flamenco show with Flamenco Olivar on 25 March.