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My search for the best burger in London – #burgerfail no. 2


Right, as you know, I’m looking for the best burger in London following certain criteria.  I’m not a food snob so I’m including fast food in my search.  My first #burgerfail was a very disappointing Burger King and I then had a good but ridiculously huge Grand Union burger.

So, next on my list was a quarter pounder with cheese meal (with extra barbecue sauce) at the Golden Arches, for the sake of the experiment of course.  And man I looooove McDonalds in a slightly guilty way  – perhaps I’m nostalgic from a misspent youth hanging out there every weekend.  I think they put something in the burger sauce to make it seriously addictive because it tasted delicious, if a little dry and lacking in meaty flavour (the 4 pints of cider I had beforehand may have aided the tasting slightly however, hic).  If you check out the photo – the burger looks pretty good doesn’t it – thick and meaty, nice Kraft cheese, yummy onion and guerkin, and decent bun.

I don’t have a problem with the taste at the time – it was gooood – my problem is what happens afterwards.  Ugh.  If you are what you eat, then the next day I was a big greasy unhealthy mess.  My insides felt dirty.  I honestly felt terrible (again the cider possibly has some part to play in this too).  It may be as a result of watching the Supersize Me film, but I feel great when eating a McDonalds but then dreadful afterwards.  Not worth it really and thats my second #burgerfail.