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La Terraza, 27 Bedford Road, SW4 7SH

La Terraza is great because:

  • You can sit on the pavement amongst the plants in the sun, drinking rose and eating calamari and feeling like you’re in Spain
  • They have lovely friendly Spanish waiters who may (or may not) give you a shot of fire water because he likes the fact you admired his silk shirt
  • Most of South London’s hispanic population is at the bar, watching the football or dancing to the music
  • You can rock up later or simply wander in after your dinner to have a drink at the bar and dance to live music from two guys playing fabulously 80s synth salsa on a keyboard
  • Oh yeah, yummy tapas.


This does really feel like a local restaurant and I always have tons of fun every time I go. The last few times I’ve turned up late, drank wine and danced salsa with an elderly Venezuelan gentleman, but this time El G and I went to eat.  We had: 

Pork fillet (Solomillo de cerdo) this was seriously yummy

Roasted peppers (pimientos asados) – a bit plain and sour for me sadly

Jamon jamon – nom nom nom

Sardines (sardinas) – yummy

All washed down with a lovely bottle of rose and we finished up with a plate of manchego which we ate with glasses of rioja.  No salsa that night but a lovely meal came to £58 or £29 each – great value and a fun night. Also check out Buena Vista Cuban bar round the corner on Landor Road – haven’t had a drink there yet (on the list!) but admired the live music, dancing and general merriment inside on my way to The Landor.

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