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Leong’s Legends, 4 Macclesfield St, Chinatown, W1D 6AX

You know those Saturday nights when you find it hard to leave the sofa? Well I had one of those last weekend but luckily Pippalippa encouraged me to get my glad rags (jeans and trainers) on and hit Chinatown for some yummy food, red wine and banter. Pip loves Chinatown and I love Chinatown with Pip – she lived in China and always orders interesting stuff. Being an indecisive and rather lazy menu-fretter, I love asking her to order for me (apart from the jellyfish incident, splodgy bleurghness).

We started in De Hems, a great Dutch pub on Macclesfield Street which was perfect because it had good music, an upstairs room with free places to sit (in Soho – hurrah) and Lindeboom, nice Dutch beer on tap, which they also let Pip try before ordering, hic. Two pints later and we headed across the road for some Taiwanese food and wine. This was my second visit to Leong’s Legends, the first involving duck’s tongue (gristly bleurghness) and thousand year old egg (surprisingly yum and I don’t think its actually a thousand years old..). Last time I was here I promised Pip I wouldn’t blog about it to keep it a secret. That was until I realised it was much loved and written about by London’s food bloggers…

Rice with bean curd and pork belly nom nom nom

Service is good and efficient and very quick even though they were chocka.  We got all our food at once and seemed to be in and out fairly quickly – so perhaps not ideal for a lingering romantic meal but I guess you could just take your time eating. We got a bottle of Argentinian red and ordered the food – crab dumplings (xiao long bao) and bean curd with thousand year old egg to start; and pork belly and pork with green beans for mains.

Thousand year old egg (yummer than it sounds) and bean curd (Pipallippa likes, an aquired taste I think!)

Crab dumplings – Time Out raved about them, we thought they were good but not crabby enough

Pork belly – super tender and fatty, delicious…

Pork with green beans – this was lovely, one of my favourites – delicate, spicy, meaty

After a bottle of wine, all this grub and very full bellies, we paid £23 each and were on our way sofa-ward again. Great value and delicious food, perfect for those who know and want authentic Asian food, or who like me are happy to give most things (apart from jellyfish) a go. Try to order stuff you’ve never had before – what a shame to order crispy duck pancakes when there’s way more on offer.

You can read about my visit to its sister resto the Empress of Sichuan and my guide to Chinatown here.

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