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Contact Lenses

dry_eye_1_ezrI work pretty long hours in a heinously over air-conned building, and my previous contact lenses were killing me.  As my boyfriend can attest, I started having to make wierd eye rolling motions in the evenings and weekends to keep my eyes comfortable, and have the time it felt like I’d stuck sand paper under my eye lids.  On a particularly bad evening at the Buddha Bar with friends, where my eyes were a lovely shade of crimson and I almost went home because my eyes hurt, one of my equally busy friends said she swore by Acuvue True Eyes.  So I went to the optician and got a free trial (supposed to be 5 days but they gave me a month supply, thanks David Clulow!!) and I have to admit it is about a hundred times better… They’re made of silicon which is pretty revolutionary for contacts, and so let in oxygen far better.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve got them in all day and doesn’t matter if you sleep in them (which is good really, as I’ve done so the last 2 times I’ve got smashed).  I still have a bit of irritation but they’re a lot more comfortable and my eyes look a lot better, less redness.

A couple of tips also – use Blink contact lens drops if you’re eyes are hurting, and when your lenses are out use Systane drops to moisturise your eyes – honestly your eyes actually look better afterwards, whiter and brighter, and I never thought it would make any difference.

My ultimate aim though is to get rid of these issues for good and get my eyes lasered although a quick straw poll of facebook friends revealed one person’s eyes started deteriorating a year after having it done, and someone else got a blind spot.  Is it really worth the risk?