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Another HPL competition – win 2 free cocktails at Ping Pong

In the run up to Chinese New Year starting on the 3rd February (for which you should check out all the events going on in Chinatown including a huge celebration on Sunday 6 February) , the HPL has teamed up with Ping Pong to offer you the chance to win a voucher to get two of their famous and exotic cocktails free!  And I’ll be noshing on their special new year dim sum menu soon which I’ll report back on.
I have 25 vouchers to give away (that’s 50 free cocktails) and all I need you to do is to leave a comment and tell me what your favourite cocktail is. I’ll pick 25 of you at random and you’ll get sent your voucher by email. For extra points, it’s the year of the rabbit so anyone who can manage a RABBIT JOKE is pretty much guaranteed a free elderflower sakitini (check out their awesome cocktail menu…).
Please leave your comments by Thursday 3 February and GOOD LUCK!

UPDATE 3.02.11 – OK everyone we have our 25 winners for the 2 x free cocktail vouchers so no more entries please! Hope everyone below enjoys their cocktails (I now have craving for a dirty martini with green olive) and have a read of the comments below if you want to hear some TRULY TERRIBLE rabbit jokes… Happy Chinese New Year!