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My search for the best burger in London #3 – The Lido Cafe, Brockwell Park

Brockwell Park Lido

Bikinis in Brixton? Life guards and sunbathers?  Today was the first time I’d eaten at the Costa del Brixtonia poolside cafe at the art deco Brockwell Lido, built in the 1930s. It was a fantastic atmosphere, super busy, and I cant wait to go down there to swim tomorrow.  For today, I needed to shake off cobwebs from the night before (thanks to a wonderful dinner at Fernandez & Leluu  – more soon) so settled on a burger and chips at the Brockwell Lido Cafe washed down with an organic lemonade.

The Lido Cafe – poolside, BBQ, organic stuff – perfect

I went with Escobar, who didn’t particularly relish his first experience of my taking a million photos before eating for the blog, but who proved to be a perfect people-watching partner.  Couldn’t believe all the yummy mummys! The burger was fantastic – patty a little small but really juicy and perfectly cooked, the cheese and bun were really nice. The hand-cut chips were delicious and the drinks menu interesting and organic. Highly recommended.

Nom nom slurp – chin dribblingly good

I seriously cannot imagine a better summer’s day than swimming in the lido and having a yummy BBQ lunch and glass of wine – I felt I was in Sydney rather than London.  I’ve seen they hold regular comedy and music nights – another one for my wishlist. Having been Hackney way on Friday, I’d also recommend the London Fields Lido and the Pub on the Park for after-beers (see below).

My search for the best burger in London #1 – Grand Union

Man, I love London when its sunny.  The thermometer is hovering near 18 degrees today and thats it, London simultaneously dusts off its flip flops, combat shorts and fake raybans from the back of the wardrobe and heads to the nearest beer garden to drink cider and sunbathe.  Love it love it love it.

I took advantage of GU’s 2 for 1 burger offer for joining its mailing list, and headed there this avo for some sun, cider and an attempt to finally get this HPL burger quest going. 

Grand Union Brixton has a very good and large beer garden which was rammed full of happy smiley (and some slightly tipsy) people.  As per the best burger in London criteria , I ordered the cheese burger and chips, with coleslaw on the side.  El G got extra onion rings.  Here’s what it looked like:

Didn’t get a look in with these, sadly…

Nice chips

REALLY disappointing tastleless coleslaw  – boo – and I LOVE coleslaw, must do better GU…

Aye caramba!  Ooooooooohhhkkkkkkkkkkk now how the funk do I eat this bad boy??!

Woweee.  It was bigger than I remembered it.  The cheese burger at Grand Union is huge – ridiculously huge.  Stuffed with all the good stuff – huge juicy meaty burger, tons of yummy melted cheese, cheesy mayonnaisey relish at the bottom, tomato relishy stuff at the top, half a frickin’ lettuce, and a giant slice of beef tomato.  Awesome.

Apart from you just can’t eat it!!!  Honestly, look at the picture above and then at the picture below which was the burger about 2 minutes later.  Then take 1/5th of the burger and smear it on my chin, dump 1/5th on my lap, the lettuce just EVERYWHERE, the burger in small pieces, the bun spread like breadcrumbs liberally over the plate and table, and only about 3/5ths in my mouth.  I was forced to eat small chunks of what had fallen onto my plate like a chipmunk or parrot fish, and then lick or wipe the various relishes off my hands, mouth and chin.  It tasted really really good, but I just don’t like getting that messy when I’m eating, sorry GU.


For me, thats a #burgerfail.  Great burger, just make it easier to eat, pleeeease??!