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Small charitable act #5 – buy a Christmas present from St Mungos

You may remember last year I had a bad jumpers Christmas party to raise money and do a collection for St Mungos and afterwards we drove to their city hostel and they are just bloody brilliant – they totally care about their residents (who apparently would have been especially delighted with the razors we brought) and provide food and warmth and shelter and human contact and kindness and love. And lets face it, Christmas is a fairly melancholic time for most of us, so just imagine what it’s like when you’re cold and lonely and don’t even get to argue about watching the Eastenders Christmas Special.

Someone very close to me once ended up in a homeless hostel and believe me it can happen to anyone – people with sadness they can’t handle and addictions, who break up from relationships, who lose their job and get into debt and can’t get out of the downward spiral. I know I always say this but they don’t just need food and water, they need conversations and kindness. And St Mungos understands this which is why I love them.

You can donate money to their Christmas appeal to help the homeless over Christmas or you can buy a gift from their Christmas shop – I like the bird box above. Or you can buy someone a donation gift to show that you’ve paid money on their behalf to help residents make phone calls (that photo of the guy on the phone KILLS ME), provide lunch for two weeks etc – although lets face it, I don’t know many people that would be thrilled with a present saying you’ve donated money on their behalf, so maybe buy them something else too. Or you can always go to their carol concert. But just please do something 🙂