An update from the HPL

It’s been a few months since I’ve written the blog and quite a lot has happened in that time. It seems like a good time to update you so here goes, deep breaths!

On my birthday in Brockwell Park a couple of months ago, The Chef asked me to marry him, and I said yes. This was followed by excitement and champagne and a rush of wedding organisation as our chosen venue (the Botanics in my hometown of Edinburgh) only had one date left for 2012 which made us move quite fast. The reaction of our friends and families was completely brilliant – we felt very loved, and as if everyone thought we were a great couple and were really happy for us.

This was then followed, I now admit, by a period of what might only be described as mild panic. Not about the wedding – I’m remarkably chilled about all that, dare I say it I’ve found it quite fun so far; nor about The Chef who is completely (mostly) perfect in every single way and with whom I share a passionate love of words, The Killing, musicals, Deacon Blue and anything edible that makes you put on weight – but about the fact that I’m finally growing up (at 34, late starter), starting a family of my own, settling down. There’s also the panic of this is it, forever! What a gamble! How scary! But then I think this is balanced by the stability it brings, which is wonderful – you have someone to support you emotionally and financially, a real team, even by law. You can’t walk away easily, you have try to be nice and supportive at all times, it’s not just me on my own against the world. And for me, a bit of a loner at times, that is a scary but exciting thing.

I’m back to bliss again – looking forward wildly to the wedding and entering a phase which I can foresee is likely to become highly irritating to others. Of course, I think our wedding is going to be the best party known to man ever in the world, and I want everyone to be where I want them and when. I’m gutted when someone can’t make it or suggests they won’t stay long, or will be giving birth shortly before or after or in one case, during. I love talking about the wedding, the cake, the flowers, the food, and I’m only just managing to stop before it gets inutterably dull.

For those who are interested in such things, I have a gorgeous sparkly ring, a lovely dress, and our wedding theme is Braveheart meets Mrs DoubtFire with the wedding scene from Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves – it’s all haggis and tartan and thistles and man-skirts and whisky and The Proclaimers. As The Chef put it, it’s sort of like a wedding that an American couple would plan if their great-great-grandfather claimed to be from Dundee.

So that, dear friends, is my news. Is finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with the key to happiness? Not really no, the ups and downs remain, but it’s different now, I’m different, it’s not just me, it’s us. And that’s a very happy prospect.

12 responses to “An update from the HPL

  1. Ber-limey, look at that rock! Thrilled for you, Sasha. All sounds incredible xx

  2. OMG how exciting!! Congratulations!!! What an exciting couple of months 🙂

    In between you and Caroline, No, the engagements and weddings are coming thick and fast! I promise to represent the singletons here in New York for a little longer yet 🙂

    Very delighted though, and I hope you might write a little more everynow and then?! I’m sure the blogosphere will put up with your wedding chatter admirably 🙂

    All the best though – and again, congratulations!!

    Poppy xox

  3. LOL, Poppy!

    So happy for you HPL. Everything you wrote resonates with me and how I felt about recently deciding to tie the knot. It’s fantastic, scary and exciting, all rolled up in one. And I SO get the bit about how people react, whether they can make the wedding, etc. (Even though I only had a tiny wedding one of the guests was really hungover and left early and I don’t think I can ever get over it!)

    Let’s get together and have a wedding natter soon. xx

  4. Congrats!!! So happy for you!! And was it the blog that brought you together? Dying to know! I vaguely remember you mentioning that at some point?!

    • Thank you!!! Erm it was definitely the internet that brought us together but not really the blog. We met on Guardian Soulmates but turned out I’d been following him on twitter already, had read his posts, and then both of us read each other’s blogs and was definitely great to get to know each other and we both loved each others’ writings. Irony is once we fell in love we both lost our writing mojo and stopped writing but both want to start again. Definitely living proof internet dating works!! xx

  5. Congrats and a chef too that’s a bonus. Got married to a scottish girl last year and cycled up the Outer Hebrides for our honeymoon. And we got the first day of sunshine in sw Scotland for our wedding day. hope you have the same luck

    • Wow sounds amazing and CYCLED up?! Yes I’m dying to go up to the Highlands to spend some time next year, not sure if for honeymoon but definitely another time, its so stunning up there. Yes EVERYTHING crossed for sun early April in Edinburgh!!! THanks for lovely message! x

  6. Hoorah! I do indeed remember the flurry of excitement on twittwe when you got engaged. I love the happiness and excitement of true love weddings. 🙂 Happiness FTW!

  7. Congratulations!
    Wonderful to hear good news!
    I wish you lots of happiness and joy together.
    You give inspiration and hope to many who read your blog and I for one have enjoyed very much. MJ x

  8. That has brought a smile to my face. How lovely and puts my faith back in human nature. I follow you both on twitter and I wish all the best. Oh god the John Lewis ad is on TV, I’m going to blub!

  9. Congrats to you! What great news!

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