Cycling To Work Month 5 – The Next Generation

Goodbye old friend (yes I KNOW…)

And so farewell Trek Allant, beloved first London bicycle, Princess of bikes, lost to the gods of thievery and opportunism. Goodbye be-wicker’d holder of baguettes; cushioner of bottom; straightener of back. You left me in your prime, just as I was getting to know you even better. I shall miss your retro green sunshine in my life, your air of coolness and Victorian propriety. You were like cycling on a very comfy sofa. You matched my outfits and made my bum look smaller. I hope your new owner (having found you at the back of Clapham Junction perhaps, or on Brick Lane) appreciates you as much as I did, and will love you just as much.

Hellooooo sailor

But it was time to move on and so with a heavy heart I managed to find you, oh Specialized Vita Sport, replacement only in insurance terminology* but not in nature. Lighter of body, thinner of wheel, you made me cycle home bloody fast tonight, wind in my hair, smile on my lips, sweat on my forehead. Overtaker of all that come before me (unless they are quite fit). You are likely to hurt me less when I fall over looking for a dropped glove. I can see you and I together, commuting from Brixton to Tottenham Court Road; from London to Surrey and Kent; hell even from London to Paris or Brighton or bloody Dakar. You are the next generation, the next stage of my cycling life, a practical, sporty bag of fun. You make me want to wear lycra and go camping. What did I hum all the way home? Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder. You and I are going to be brilliant together, I just know it.**

I should also say Cycle Surgery were just brilliant in advising me on bikes and kitting it out, and I’ve joined the wonderful London Cycling Campaign – as well as doing brilliant things for road safety and looking after cyclists, membership is only £32 a year and gives you 10% off bikes and accessories in most major cycle shops. I got more than my membership money back buying my bike – well worth it!

* less excess, and accessories, and a bunch of other stuff I didn’t realise I’d signed up for when I took the policy out

** apart from the little incident today when I thought I’d also lost you but then worked out I’d actually tied you up to a different bike rack a few metres down the street

8 responses to “Cycling To Work Month 5 – The Next Generation

  1. Sorry to hear about your loss, it always feels like losing a friend. Is that a picture of the actual wheel from the Allant at the top? If so I hope you’ll be locking Vita through the wheel and frame in future – make it harder for the bastards, not easier! Good luck.

  2. lovely, lovely new bike. hope you’ll have lots of happy times together! london has some awesome cycling events that your new bike looks perfect for. my favourite is this one, which i did last year start planning some fun together!

  3. Great new bike, very sporty! Are you enjoying the sensation of effortless high speed just a tiny bit…? Remember, though, it doesn’t mean you have to wear nasty lycra. For example, minis and leggings look very stylish on a sporty bike – I have been borrowing a skinny single speed bike recently and that has been my look of choice. Though sadly high heels and racing bike don’t work, I have found, which is a shame.

  4. The start of a wonderful new love affair – may you find much happiness in each other’s…arms? Wheels?

  5. Fingersdavies

    Shall we see you in the yellow jersey of the Tour de France?!

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