Gigs, festivals and the chance to win 2 tickets to the Roundhouse Moby gig

What was the last gig in London you saw? And the best? The last gig for me was probably Amos Lee at the Jazz Cafe. And the best would be a toss up between Doves at the Brixton Academy or Rufus Wainwright at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire. Oh, who am I kidding – it was the Proclaimers at Glastonbury OBVIOUSLY *jumps in the air wildly with arms around all friends*.  

There is no greater joy than going to a fantastic gig or festival, and listening to that song you love, have always loved, played live, knowing that you will remember that moment forever. I will always remember being 13 and snogging to “Love Song” at a Cure gig. Or the moment the sun came out at Glastonbury to Brian Wilson singing Surfin’ USA – when a guy in the crowd started crowd surfing ON A SURF BOARD. What all these memories have in common is the feeling of freedom and nostalgia, moments when your hands are in the air or hugging the people you’re with (or randoms, if its that good), singing along, smiling and feeling moved in some way. Watching live music has to be one of the best experiences you can ever have, and London has to be one of the best places in the world for watching famous, eclectic and up-and-coming artists in some brilliant venues.

That said, I’ve been pretty shit lately. I’m yet to go to Koko in Camden, I really want to see a band at the Slaughtered Lamb in Clerkenwell, I’m long overdue a revisit to Cargo in Shoreditch, and I didn’t make it to a festival last year which made me jealous of all my mud-splattered Glastonbury friends. This year I’m off to Latitude and want to start getting myself to a few more gigs after the summer.

In the meantime, and the inspiration for this post, was an email I got from the lovely people at which is an event ticket comparision site – really easy – go have a look for the gig you want to see and check out who’s selling at what price. It means that before you go spending a fortune, you can compare who’s selling – they compare thousands of events in the UK helping you find the cheapest tickets online for your budget.

They have very kindly offered one lucky HPL reader 2 tickets for the Moby gig on Thursday 2 June @ The Roundhouse in Camden. Its the ONLY date he’s playing in the UK on his European tour and its a sellout. 

To win, just leave a comment to this post and I’ll pick a lucky reader randomly on Friday 27 May. Let’s get a bit excited about gigs and music and summer festivals shall we? Tell me about the best, first, worst gig you’ve ever been to, your funniest / wierdest festival moment, or what festival you’re going to this summer. And good luck!

UPDATE 27 MAY: CONGRATULATIONS to Yen Lin Chung who was randomly selected by to get the tickets. Have awesome fun and let me know how it goes!!!


18 responses to “Gigs, festivals and the chance to win 2 tickets to the Roundhouse Moby gig

  1. OHHH> PLEASE!!!! It will probably be the last concert Ill make it to before baby is born. Moby actually was one of the best gigs Ive ever been to (in LA) He was so energetic, it was fabulous

  2. I think there could be a few people needing hugs at the Moby gig? Including Moby… It would be great to see him at the Roundhouse! :0)))

  3. Glastonbury – Neil Young ‘Heart of Gold’ whilst on a portaloo. I had just sat down, squatted is probably a better description and the first bars started. I ended up on my own at the back of the Pyramid Stage looking out on thousands of people sharing this moment with me. Musical magic. (Last gig was BBC Orchestra at Mermaid Theatre – free and bloody brilliant for a novice)

  4. My News Years Resolution this year was ‘go to more gigs’ and so far it’s been a pretty stonking and varied year . It seems like we sometimes stop doing the things we most enjoy doing – life gets in the way. So I wanted to make a concerted effort to really get out there this year and enjoy the music.
    The first gig I ever went to (and I still have the ticket) was The Levellers at a small outdoor gig in Winchester when I was about 15. I had just started getting into punk and ska and I remember being completely carried away by the vibe. I’d just dyed my hair pink and got a bit sunburned – pink hair and pink face is not a good look.

    The best gig – well, that’s a hard thing…..there have been so many good ones over the years. I always have a great time at the Academy in Brixton and The Roundhouse is fast becoming a fav venue – the acoustics there are amazing. So, I am going to choose two – No Doubt in 2004 and Chase and Status at The Roundhouse about a month ago…..they were amazing but I ached for days….got a bit too near the mosh pit. And the worst was most definately The Script……I was offered a free ticket. I think they were supported by some dude called Gary Go. Utterly dreadful and just not my kind of music…..a little too commercial, what I would describe as ‘wet and without soul’.

    I am not going to any of the big festies this year….just Wireless…..mainly to see Chase and Status again. But the Chemicals are headlining so I am pretty excited about that. By the end of this year I will have seen C&S 5 times! I suppose you could say I am a fan ;). Festival story – years ago I went to a free festival on old MoD land – it was called Torpedo Town. For nearly 3 days straight a band of musicians called Spiral Tribe played music non-stop…..the base was so loud that none of us could sleep in our tents as it vibrated through the ground. I am afraid to say that a few of us got together and snuck around the back of their van and stole the generator, hiding it in the woods for a day just so we could get some sleep. Hehe. At the same festival……obviously there are no portaloos at free festivals…..I dashed off with my loo roll into the forest for a wee, avoiding the stinging nettles. I did what I needed to do and stood up to an eruption of cheering. I turned around, and through the trees, on the other side of the barbed wire, were a load of soldiers in a tank getting a lovely view of my backside.

  5. Memorable but for all the wrong reasons – Glade Festival 2007. The wettest weekend in 100 years. We arrived Thursday night and the rain started hammering down and didn’t stop until 1pm the next day, by which time the whole site was a mud bath. More rain followed and then Sunday every0ne was recommended to leave before more severe weather. It was similar to my first Glastonbury experience many years ago when I was 15 which was my initiation into the ‘festival experience’.

    I’m returning to Glastonbury for the fifth time this year and hope that it won’t be a muddy one. I’m now 30 and don’t think I can handle the mud anymore, though if it’s a washout, I know I’ll still have a good time – festival fun is generally about the people you go with, and I’ve got a wonderful group of friends to have fun with this year 🙂

  6. Yen Lin Chung

    I love bald musicians! Pick me! 🙂
    Seriously though, I would love to go to this.

  7. count me in. i like whales.

  8. Funniest festival moment… last year at SW4 the heavens opened and everyone crammed into the tents. A Big Squash ensued, and as soon the downpour ended everyone trundled out again. The trouble was, during all of this my friend lost her flip flop in the Big Squash and hobbled out on one foot. The flip flop was gone. We had to find a substitute, fast, and not many single shoes were available. So we opted for one of those sponge hand things we rescued from the ground, wrapped it round her foot and secured it with some hairbands. Sorted! I will never forget the sight of her hobbling down Clapham High Street afterwards with her soggy muddy sponge hand shoe. Classic! Surely such creativity should be rewarded with Moby tickets??!!

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  10. Tra-la la-la-la-la, sing a happy song! :0)

  11. I’m in London for the last time for a while as I am about to get sucked into corporate life in Pakistan ( I doubt Moby will be travelling there anytime soon). Pick me!

  12. Yes please Sasha…………….. You’ll make me very Happy in London on the 2nd of June!

  13. Most surprising concert ever must have been seeing Gwar in Paris when I was 17. Not knowing much about the band prior to the show, I was blown away by the act — the blood, the gore, the costumes. It remains one of the most amazing concerts I’ve ever attended.

  14. Without a doubt the best gig I’ve ever been to was Neil Diamond at the BBC Electric Proms. You may snigger but I love him. LOVE HIM. Many of my friends snigger but I soon catch them bopping along. Anyway, one of the reasons this gig was so fantastic was because the tickets sold out in about 20 minutes and I was devastated to miss out. However, I got over that and just randomly happened to be in Camden and passed the Round House the day he was playing, so got a friend to take a photo of me being sad in front of the sign. Half an hour later a friend dragged me from the pub across the road to see if they had any returns. Not hopeful, and a bit demoralised when a skulker outside offered us tickets for £100. The lady behind the counter was very apologetic when she explained she only had two returns. WHAT?! There were only two of us who really wanted to go. £25 later we were in the concert holding my phone up so the friends we left in the pub could hear Sweet Caroline and understand why we were deserting them for the evening. (Knowing my obsession they were very understanding).

  15. I went to see electro-noise merchant Non recently at the Roundhouse who decided to end his set by playing a guitar with a power drill.
    Unfortunately he had mislaid the key he needed to assemble said item but it just so happened that a lively, multi-studded French punk in the audience had one on him. I don’t think it was set up either.
    Sounded fab too.

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