A short story about karma and emotional positivity

Anyone who reads this blog regularly will know I believe in positivity, kindness and karma even if I don’t practice what I preach all the time. But life has been spectacularly up and down in the last few days, even more so than normal (I’m an emotional rollercoaster kind of gal) and I think life is trying to teach me something. Here’s what happened:
  1. On Friday I was rather “tired” from the night before, so I went to Pret and bought breakfast.
  2. When I got to work I discovered most of the coffee had poured out of the cup into the bag, leaving me with only a half cup of coffee, a sludgy coffee-soaked breakfast baguette, and a sticky desk.
  3. In a brilliant flash of inspiration I composed a wonderfully rhyming and flowing poem to Pret, which I posted on twitter.
  4. A poem to Pret: Looking forward to breakfast / but its just my bad luck / that all of my coffee / ends up in the bag not the cup.
  5. I know, I won a competition in school y’know.
  6. So anyways I awaited thunderous applause to my clever stanzas and what do you know I got a message from the nice people at Pret HQ who offered me free coffees for my spillage debacle. Thank you Pret.
  7. A wonderful weekend and wedding passed. I caught the bouquet.
  8. And then Monday, I cycled to work as normal but on leaving work I noticed my bike was gone – nicked.
  9. My bike was my pride and joy, my first adult bike, the prettiest bike in central London (see below). She had a wicker basket and a padded seat, and even padded hand holders in case I got tired from braking and stuff.
  10. There was a day when I would have thrown my toys out of the pram and had a tantrum. For two weeks. But I decided to put the Action for Happiness’ emphasis on “emotional positivity” into play and tried to be calm. Sure, I swore a *little* bit but I didn’t really blame anyone except the moron who stole it and I didn’t get too upset (apart from when squished onto the Northern Line this morning).
  11. And what do you know – its early days but it looks like my insurance will cover it and I’ll get a brand new bike for my old wandering one. Fingers crossed please.
  12. And today I confirmed that El Madre and my oldest friend will be visiting me on the last bank holiday weekend in May, neither of whom I have seen for the longest time.

So what does all this teach me? Well, keep your head in a crisis because it might all work out in the end, and what you need is support from friends and loved ones, and being a mad cranky bitch is likely to make them run for the hills. Also if you act positively, somehow the universe or Pret’s PR team will reward you handsomely. Clever Action for Happiness.

 If a bloke called Bob tries to sell you this bike please tell him to send it back to the HPL…


10 responses to “A short story about karma and emotional positivity

  1. It was my birthday last week and I was taking some bricks to the tip. At the tip a man blocked me in so he could park right next to the rubble skip. On the way home Happy Birthday by Stevie Wonder came on the radio and I saw the man who blocked me in at the tip get pulled over by the police!

  2. If you get your bike nicked in London, report it to the Met Police. I didn’t think it was worth bothering them with the details when mine was stolen, but since then I’ve heard stories straight from the police horses mouth that have convinced me it would be. Each report helps the police to track the gangs that steal expensive bikes to order and to charge them for their crimes, and they may be able to recover your much loved steed and restore it to your stable.

  3. Oh no! I am so so upset for you and your bike, particularly because it’s you that’s inspired me to get biking and pootle around on my lovely Old Dutch. In fact, whilst reading this, I was on the phone to the Look Mum No Hands man to learn how to maintain it in a little session next week.

    Give Mercedes at Luv Handles Ltd. a ring and say that I sent you – maybe she’ll have a great 2nd hand deal for you like she did for me? You never know, it’s worth a shot, and definitely worth it for bike happiness.

    Here’s some happy karma and internet hugging for you (and hooray for insurance, too, I’m juuuust getting round to getting mine…).

    Smooches pooches,


    • Oh thank you sweetie, I’m really hoping to get a new one to love just like the old one. In the meantime its the stinking tube for me boo. I’m dying to go to Look Mum No Hands and I will indeed try Luv Handles (love the name!) if my insurance doesn’t work…

      Thansk for the lovely words – also when are we bikini flinging?!


  4. All well and good but sometimes being a ‘mad cranky bitch’ doesn’t hurt! I agree that putting a positive spin on situations reaps it’s own rewards – It’s a bit like when friends ask ‘how are you?’ in real honesty the required answer is ‘fine thanks!’
    P.s Nice bike!

    • Thank you! Oh yes I am still a mad cranky bitch quite a bit (ask the poor Chef) but on this one occasion I surprised myself by how well I reacted and it seems to have done my sense of peace and calm no end of favours. I do miss the poor bike though 😦


  5. Oh no Sasha – that’s rubbish about your bike. Booooo to bike theives but thumbs up to Karma and positivity…two things I also try to live by. Hope the insurance works out. xx

  6. nice one

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