The HPL urban garden

So Spring is sprunging in my little London garden and it looks fantastic. The daffs and crocuses I planted a couple of years ago are, as ever, popping out all over the place, and the bulbs I bought last year from Portobello Market with mi madre have appeared, to my complete surprise as I forgot I’d even planted them. That’s the fun of gardening – some of your hard work doesn’t show until much later on and when you least expect it. Its also such a peaceful way to spend an afternoon.

So Titchmarsh style, what should one be doing in the garden now? God knows – the planting of Spring bulbs should all have been done around September so all we need to do now is enjoy it really*. And we just need a little more sun and a few more degrees and its almost BBQ and Pimms time all over again.

*this is based on no knoweldge whatsover. We should probably be pruning and like weeding and stuff as well.

5 responses to “The HPL urban garden

  1. Grinning, a tidy, well kept garden is a sure sign of a sick mind 🙂
    Happy gardening

  2. I am so jealous that you have a garden! (and also of your recent visit to the Kitchin)

  3. There is little more therapeutic than pottering in the garden. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy looking over my garden after a day of pottering, pruning and tidying. (Just don’t ask me the names of any of the plants or flowers in my garden…)

  4. I’ve need a mug with the words ‘A Garden is the Best Therapy’ on it – only too true!

  5. Sorry, I mean ‘seen’!

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