My search for the best burger in London #6 – Davy’s, Euston Tower, Regent’s Place, NW1 3DP

Having somehow found out about my search for the best burger in London (seriously, it always surprises me when people I don’t know actually read this blog), Craig, the lovely manager of Davy’s of Regents Place  invited me and a friend to come along and try their burgers.

Now, I am not one to look a free burger in the…er…bun, but I also have a soft spot for Davy’s wine bars – they specialise in wine and I am a fan of wine, ergo I am a fan of Davy’s. I used to share gossip and bottles of red at Grapeshots when I worked in the City; and post-work Friday night drinks at the Heeltap in Borough. But I suppose like many chains, it needs refreshing now and then, and so the Regents Place Davy’s, hidden away in a square just by Warren Street tube, is starting to do a burgers menu – if it takes off, it will be rolled out across the other bars. And this is why I was there last week with a wildly excited Pippalippa who was heading home to Hobart a couple of days later, to share wine and catch up and eat burgers.

First things first – Craig and chef Amy were incredibly lovely and friendly and truly care about getting their burgers right, which is highly commendable. So Pip and I got stuck into the red (rude not to) and as per the rules, I ordered a cheeseburger, chips and coleslaw. The chips and coleslaw were close to perfect and come with some yummy relishes (BBQ one is the best). The beef is matured for 21 days and bought from Donald Russell butchers – it was beautifully cooked but could have done with a little more seasoning. Lovely thick gloopy cheddar yum. But the problem – and they are totally aware of this – is the bun. It is a ciabatta-type bun which is too heavy and dry to compliment the beef and too flimsy to withstand the cheese and relish. It sort of fell off in unappetising chunks. This really put me off so pleeeeease change it otherwise you’ve got a lovely burger thang going on. And Pip loved the big flat mushroom and Swiss cheese in her Alpine Burger.

Please excuse the chipped nail polish – dreadful (but Chanel…)

I realise this is negative – and I said I would never give a negative review as I only want this blog to be filled with happy, fluffy recommendations. And I have to be 100% honest especially where free stuff is involved (ethics or summit). But I LOVE these guys, I love the effort they are putting into getting things right, and I want them to succeed. I will certainly be back to try more burgers, more red wine, more mulled wine and more white wine, and I’d recommend it as a decent lunch and post-work drinking venue if you work near Tottenham Court Road / Goodge Street / Warren Street. Please say hello to Craig and Amy if you go. They have also asked me to point out that you can get 50% off at Davy’s with a Taste London card.

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