New Year’s Resolutions 2011

So here were my New Year’s Resolutions for 2010 rubbish eh? At least I definitely went to South America so that’s one big fat tick. And I sort of toyed with yoga for a bit, but then stopped going again. And I got to induction stage at Age Concern but then couldn’t take a day off work. But I STILL haven’t done a sodding dance class.

It’s a bit early but I always do resolutions every year with at least SOME that I can definitely achieve to make me feel better. So, here’s my New Year’s Resolutions for next year:

  1. Alternate meeting friends in the pub with meeting friends at a dance class or tennis court or yoga class or similar, especially at weekends. Enjoy the smug feeling with post-class wine and gossip.
  2. Stop seeing gym membership as a charitable donation to local YMCA and actually GO sometimes – circuits, yoga and swimming.
  3. Do the 3 peaks! Or at least 1 peak.
  4. Start cycling to and from work – the tube in London is sucking more and more each day and would mean I feel virtuous enough to avoid the gym (although see 2 above).
  5. Stop booking up entire week going out, with “nights in” where I’m too knackered to do anything. Enjoy doing less. See reading a book or phoning a friend as a legitimate way to spend an evening. Be more spontaneous and flexible. Buy nicer “house clothes”. And a really good pen.
  6. Call people more. Be available to help.
  7. Organise an event for charity – a dinner party or a picnic. Keep giving money to buskers. Donate old clothes to local hostels. Do another clothes swap party with friends. Don’t invite Penelope who only brought a greying mishapen bra at the last one.
  8. Eat haggis and drink whisky at some point around 25 January.
  9. Actually start working my way through my wishlist rather than constantly adding to it.
  10. Make improvements to the bits of the flat that keep bugging me – the curtain that hangs off the rail, the wardrobe door that hangs off its hinges, the floorboard I put my foot through, the entire garden.

I’d love to hear what yours are too, to inspire me to do other stuff. Although one of the non-specific resolutions of mine is to stop thinking the grass is greener, peering over the fence and wanting to do what other people are doing. But I’m still nosy, mkay? Over to you…

UPDATE 17.12.10: I get asked by friends whether blogging feels like homework. And to be honest, sometimes it does, especially if I haven’t done fun things lately or I’m not in the mood. But sometimes it’s ACE and today is one of those times. Since writing this post, I’ve been offered help in getting into cycling by Andreas from the London Cyclist  and have been emailed by lots of people with great ideas about exercise and dance classes – I’m hopefully joining a ballet class at The Place next year. Getting inspired to try new things is why I started this blog and today I realise how lucky I am. Ok, that’s enough Christmas soppiness. As you were.

20 responses to “New Year’s Resolutions 2011

  1. Phone your mother at least once a month

  2. Once a month – once a week Fingersdavies!
    Liking these suggestions – I’d be keen to chat to you about your cycling goal.. heading off and looking for a contact page now!

  3. I really want to start getting up early, consistently. Definitely 0600, ideally 0500. Also, get rid of credit cards forever.

    • Bloody hell that’s early! Love the sentiment but I’m definitely not a morning person, I like snoozing and then faffing. BUT you have reminded me that I’d like to get to bed AN HOUR EARLIER every night. I’m always just a little bit knackered all the time, so I’d like to be lights out by 11pm every night. Also, I heard if you get to bed an hour earlier every night you can lose 14 lbs in a month (yes I’m shallow).

      No credit cards is like our parents – would buy a washing machine in cash. Thanks for the comment! x

  4. – find a new job
    – cook more and stay in more
    – I could try to say: more sports, drink less and stop smoking, but I hate to make resolutions that I’m surely not gonna keep… 🙂

  5. New Year Resolutions don’t work – I have a post on my blog ( that lists some of the reasons why they fail. That post also links to another post with tips for setting resolutions that you’re much more likely to achieve. Don’t fall into the trap of setting resolutions that you don’t keep – try my suggestions and see what happens 🙂

  6. Your clothes swap bullet made me laugh. I did a book swap earlier this year–which was GREAT–but my one friend, Emma, brought all the books she had never read and didn’t like! Kinda defeated the purpose of sharing books with friends!!!

  7. I’ll probably procrastinate a little bit about this but:

    – stop procrastinating…

    Actually…I think I might be procrastinating about work by reading your blogpost which I popped to via facebook…………I am doomed.

    But the getting to a danceclass thing I know about – I did exactly the same thing putting ma-hoo-sive pressure on myself to get my twinkletoes on, got scared off by how impressively good all the Pineapple studios girls were and bunked out. BUT, then I discovered Bar Salsa on Charing Cross Road where you can go and have an OBSCENELY cheap night (I’m all about the cheap nights at the moment – and seriously, you can get away with paying nothing if you get there at 6pm on a Friday night, and, um, don’t drink…), have 2 dance classes and then spend the rest of the evening being whisked around by salsa dancers with admittedly varying levels of skills. None of the usual high pressure that comes with ‘going to a dance class’.

    Bonne chance petite heureuse!! xx

    • Merci mon petit chou 🙂

      Yes went to Pineapple once (an ill-advised bellydancing class!) and was a little intimidated by all the professional dancers. But LOVE the sound of Bar Salsa – thank you so much for the tip. I have a friend who would love it too. When I lived in Brussels we used to go to a bar like that where it was totally relaxed and you could dance with people of all standards, I absolutely loved it. Going to suggest to some friends right now. Thanks love! xx

  8. Mine is to walk at least 8000 steps a day. I bought a pedometer recently and realised that I only walk a measly half of this at the moment. And for someone who only walks for exercise I reckon this is pretty bad.

  9. Quitting smoking would have to be the main one this year!

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