A wee musical post

Today, my head hurts. And this is entirely self-afflicted so I expect no sympathy whatsoever. But I will be drinking lots of berrocca and listening to some music that I wanted to share with you. Of course I’m sure you’ve heard it ALL before and I’m inevitably 6 months late but if you haven’t heard them or listened for a while then you should do. M’kay.

The first is Laura Marling singing Goodbye England (covered in snow). It’s about England covered in snow so it’s apt and she has just the most beautiful voice it sends shivers up my spine.

The second is James Blake doing a cover of Feist’s Limit to Your Love. I loved Feist’s version, those lyrics, but I love this version too and that piano chord. And the video is wonderful, love the photography and the moving apple (you will see what I mean).

Finally, this is Laura Marling and Mumford & Sons doing Jolene. Like every girl in the world, Jolene is a song that makes me sing my heart out and furrow my brow at the INJUSTICE of love. This version makes me want to play the banjo (actually I can, theoretically – my father taught me how to play “Way down up-on de Suwanee Rib-ber” on the banjo when I was about ten) and have a hoe-down. These should all be played LOUD. Do enjoy.

3 responses to “A wee musical post

  1. just a few of my fave songs right there 🙂

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