Villandry Kitchen, 95-97 High Holborn, WC1V 6LF (and an ode to macaroni cheese)

I like French bistros – especially ones where you can buy jams and breads and real lemonade, with wooden floors and nice wine. So I liked Villandry Kitchen as soon as I walked in – it reminded me of places like Pain Quotidien.  It’s light and airy inside with huge windows and a good noisy atmosphere – during weekday lunch it had a lovely mix of City boys, students, groups of friends and families. The service was friendly and the wine lovely.

Mi madre had a goat’s cheese salad. Which was a bit meh. And that’s not very good because if there’s one thing the French do well its salad – dripping with dressing and bacon and gizzards and cheese and sausage and lots of other things that make it far more interesting (and fattening) than a normal British salad and don’t make you feel like you’re denying yourself. Best goat’s cheese salad in the world = at Fabian O’Farrells on Place de Lux, Brussels. Please try harder Villandry.

But then I ceased to care about anything else because I ordered their macaroni cheese with bacon and dressed green leaves. And it rocked –  beautifully cheesily delicious and probably about a trillion calories of yum. Like many of the world’s retro delights, mac n’ cheese is now cool again – there are entire blogs devoted to it, blogs about mac and cheese recipes, New York Times articles on it. Us Brits are a little bit behind but I truly enjoyed my first experience of posh M&C. Who’d have thought my favourite school dinner would become so fashionable? And does this mean there is an entirely new market for my favourite school pudding too – ginger pear crunch (pears from a tin, butterscotch angel delight and crumbled ginger biscuits) – anyone???

Anyway I will now devote the rest of this post to photos of my macaroni cheese. And I will be going back for more, nom nom nom…

Our mains, plus a glass of wine each and coffee came to £32 so £16 each – great value.

3 responses to “Villandry Kitchen, 95-97 High Holborn, WC1V 6LF (and an ode to macaroni cheese)

  1. Yum! I am a sucker for Mac and Cheese. Thanks for sharing!

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