Small charitable act #4 – Buy someone flowers (for no particular reason)

This one’s dead easy. Although it doesn’t count if its someone’s birthday, or their cat died, or you’re saying sorry, or it’s mother’s day. It should be random and unexpected and for no other reason than you think they’re brilliant.

I recently got bought flowers twice in one month, lucky me, by two lovely friends*, for no other reason than they are lovely friends and they wanted to be nice. And it felt amazing – first, because it shows that someone is thinking about you and loves you enough to buy something nice for you; and second, because having fresh flowers in your flat makes your flat smell nice and looks gorgeous.

They don’t have to be expensive, they can be hand-picked, and you shouldn’t want anything in return (do you hear that, boys?!).** 

It will definitely make them smile and I BET it also makes you smile all the way home…

* thank you mucho Lola and Giovanna!

** although ladies a LARGE glass of vino is coming your way soon 🙂

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