1000 Awesome Things

Today I have mostly been inspired by the blog 1000 Awesome Things which pretty much does what it says on the tin (I’m hoping to do an interview with the American author and to review his Book of Awesome soon).

Some days the universe seems determined to make you miserable or ignore you completely; but on other days, someone, somewhere, seems to be smiling down at you.  Today I felt the universe had a little soft spot for me and it reminded me immediately of the blog and the fact that this was a pretty awesome thing. As always, I thought I’d share:

  1. Someone called me about a letter of complaint I wrote months ago and had completely forgotten about (yes I’m a woman who writes letters of complaint, I know I know, but it works – I recently got free cinema tickets from complaining that an Edinburgh cinema’s toilets smelled of pee). They offered me a full refund and apology, were really very nice and surprised me totally.
  2. I called the council about my council tax and they said I was in credit and offered me a refund. Seriously, what goes on?
  3. I met a very good friend for a lovely lunch and realised that I have not one but TWO brilliant friends who work near my work and who are perfectly within the weekday coffee/lunch/apres work drinkie zone.
  4. My plan for going to South America this winter appears to be coming together and it looks like it will be soon, involve a lovely friend, lots of Malbec and steak and possible hops, skips and jumps to various beaches. Exciting stuff.

Yes this is only 4 awesome things rather than 1000, but its a start (and I’m British, we’re less of a fist-pumping-awesome nation). I think I’m going to try this every day – I’m getting an email a day from 1000 Awesome Things so I hope it inspires me on my way home on the tube to think of an awesome thing that happened that day…

2 responses to “1000 Awesome Things

  1. Glad you followed this up. I’m following it too.x

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