Cafe Brood, Borough High Street Market, SE1 9AH

After seeing Money at Shunt (post coming soon), Esmerelda and I wanted a chilled out, cheapie dinner and at around 9pm we stumbled upon Cafe Brood at the bottom of Borough Market, next to Southwark Cathedral.  There was some impromptu French party going on and we were surrounded by live music, lanters strung between the trees, and tons of people walking around.  It was a really fun atmosphere, like a big street party.

We took a seat outside and were offered a choice between prawn paella or chorizo paella and drinks. This was perfect for us and I liked the fact that there’s one option eaten with a plastic fork – it reminded me of being at a festival. The paella was delicious and the red wine great value and smooth. A huge bowl of yummy paella and half a bottle of red wine was under £10 each – great value.  Find out if there’s stuff going on and go down for some relaxed grub on the pavement while people-watching – well worth it.

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3 responses to “Cafe Brood, Borough High Street Market, SE1 9AH

  1. Hey, how did you like Money? Cafe Brood sound lovely, i walked past so many times but never tried it out.

  2. linnet Stembridge

    WONDERFUL great food ,location the best …..

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