An Ode to good friends and family*

Thank you for always being at the end of the phone when I need you, for knowing me better than I know myself sometimes, for telling me I’m wrong when I need it to be told, for listening when that’s all I need, and for making me laugh.

Thank you for understanding that I sometimes don’t pick up the phone when I’m not in the mood to talk, and for calling me back anyway.

Thank you for recommending that book, film or exhibition – I can’t believe you know me so well.

Thank you for letting me be selfish sometimes, and understanding that it doesn’t mean anything more than I need some time.

Thank you for being there through the highs and the lows with me, especially as I know some of them are rough on you too.

Thank you for cutting me some slack, for forgiving me when I let you down, was mean, or got distracted –  you know I love you and I try to get it right eventually. 

Thank you for supplying tissues and hugs, advice, laughs, shoes, and wine when I need it, for cooking me dinner, and never telling me how bad the latest hair colour really was.

Thank you for dancing with me when I didn’t want to dance alone, for sitting with me in the corner when I wanted to talk, for buying the first round and always staying for one more.

Thank you for laughing at my jokes, reading my blog, and leaving nice comments on my Facebook photos.

Thank you for ignoring the fact that I haven’t called you for months, and for acting like we’d never been apart when we meet.

Thank you for sharing your worries with me – I’m always here to help no matter what.

Thank you for accepting who I am, even if you don’t understand it sometimes, and even when it means I can be difficult.

You are my rock, my trampoline and my sponge, and you’re all bloody gorgeous.  I love you.

* To be read while listening to Good Friends Are Hard To Find by Ed Harcourt as loud as you can.


One response to “An Ode to good friends and family*

  1. Love this, so touching and so true! :0))

    Luiz @ The London Foodie

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