Another happiness project (and love for the HPL)!

I’m in great company it seems. I’ve heard from Steve Slack who shares a mutual interest in the pursuit of happiness and living South of the Thames.  He’s turning his interest into a book both on the historical and philosophical thinking on happiness, and a compilation of people’s ideas of what happiness is.  And he wants to include yours truly!

Here he describes his Happiness Project and here he writes nice things about me.  I’m delighted to get involved with this project and to read the book when it comes out!

3 responses to “Another happiness project (and love for the HPL)!

  1. Thanks for the link Sasha. I look forward to reading more about your fantastic project and to telling you about mine. And how strange to think that we’re just a few miles from each other too!

  2. O goodness! This sounds mighty exciting and really looking forward to reading.
    : D

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