The Coat and Badge, 8, Lacy Rd, London, SW15 1NL

I rarely get to Putney but I like it when I do.  Its a sort of Wind in the Willows oasis by the river, with people rowing, huge houses and a surprising number of people wearing their collars up.

This time we didn’t do my normal Thameside stroll to the beer gardens of Hammersmith (a fantastic walk) but sat outside in the sun at the Coat and Badge.  It has a great beer garden (no view though) which is perfect for whiling the hours away eating red meat and drinking cider, and watching the beautiful of West London. Try not to sit under the holes in the plastic awning though – rainwater tends to collate and then explode unexpectedly over bemused up-collared young ones beneath, just as they were about to tuck into their apple crumble. 

The roast pork looked just awesome (see photo above) and the BBQ burgers yummy and a bargain at £6 – although ask for your bun toasted. Chicken leg wasn’t that great but then again who’d order BBQ chicken leg when you can have a burger (sadly me – my quest for the perfect burger and its effect on my waistline has meant that I am on rations).

 Definitely worth a pop if you’re looking for a decent beer garden in Putney.

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One response to “The Coat and Badge, 8, Lacy Rd, London, SW15 1NL

  1. Great review, that burger looks particularly delicious!

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