Following the HPL Rules

I’ve been thinking about the HPL Rules lately.  I’ve been a bit lazy and found it easier to 

  • connect” with friends and family (mainly going for dinner regularly hence expanded waistline, and also trying to pick up the phone a bit more)
  • nurture” because I love gardening
  • be “active” because I love my retro bike and gym it during the week 
  • be curious” because I am an inquisitive person and generally have several theories on the go at once. 

But the blog is mostly about restaurants at the moment which was not the initial idea. There are two ways in which I’m lagging especially – “give” and “learn“.  I applied to volunteer at a Brixton-based charity every second weekend, but the induction sessions take place during the week and I’ve been finding it hard to take time off work.  I think the key is small charitable acts so I need to think of things I can fit around work.  As for learning, I’m seeing a couple of exhibitions this month which is good, but I’m long overdue some comedy or theatre; and I’d love to take up a class – Spanish or something creative – but again I’ve not been finding time.

But today I randomly got a pingback from 100helixdays  which has adopted the HPL Rules.  I love how the author has thought of simple, practical ways to fulfil each rule and fit it round his lifestyle – especially the ideas of learning guitar and about wine; and nurturing by creating a roof terrace, spending time with his daughter and improving their home

It has really inspired me. My guitar, piano and trombone are gathering dust so I’ll start small – buy some sheet music and learn to play one new piece well by the end of summer; and I’ll take Lady B out for a photography session so we can practice a bit more.  And nurture is an easy one as I’d like to invest lots of my time over summer decorating our new house.  I also want to be a bit more active by fitting some yoga in, starting this week.  

So thank you 100helixdays – I shall be reading how you get on with interest, and am happy that my HPL Rules have been invigorated!

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