My search for the best burger in London #2 – The Rosendale

As you know, I’m searching for the best burger in London.  Pub burgers are often very good but not quite good enough to blog about.  Yesterday’s burger at The Rosendale was a little bit special though.

El G and I were cycling from Brixton to Penge (don’t ask…) and decided to check the Michelin guide to London restaurants to find a good gastropub on the way.  And West Dulwich’s The Rosendale was highly recommended – an old coaching house featuring an outside terrace, great-sounding menu and heavy emphasis on sourcing and ingredients.

It’s huge – with great big high ceilings inside and a sunny terrace, with pub grub served at the front and a posher dining room to the back where the food is apparently superb.  Its the sort of place that makes it own butter, mayonnaise and burger buns – an won Time Out’s best gastropub award in 2007.  Bit of an odd location though and wasn’t that busy – which is a real shame.

I ordered the cheese burger with coleslaw on the side and it was fantastic.  Home-made bun which was light and fluffy, home-made mayonnaise which was citrusy and tangy, tasty thin chips, good cheese and an incredibly well-cooked burger – meaty and tender and pink.  Highly recommended if you live in the area for great pub grub.  I was also jealous of a family eating steaks and red wine on the terrace – looked very good.

Rosendale on Urbanspoon

One response to “My search for the best burger in London #2 – The Rosendale

  1. It is nice to see a review of my former local pub, I used to live just around the corner for a few years. We used to love going there, and I have many fond memories of the place (even though I didn’t particularly like living in Dulwich). Glad you enjoyed your burger.

    Luiz @ The London Foodie

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