Tapas Brindisa, 18-20 Southwark Street, SE1 1TJ

Sunday, apparently still El G’s birthday.  I’ve been meaning to eat at Tapas Brindisa for aaaages but their no reservations policy means I’ve never got a table.  But turns out 5pm on a Sunday is a veh good time to go.

Having relished Seville’s tapas culture, where we realised eating jamon, olives and cheese at the bar far outweighed the delights of proper sit-down restaurant food, we plumped for a lovely bottle of Rioja accompanied with a plate of acorn-fed Ibérico charcuterie selection (shoulder, salchichón, loin and chorizo) with bread and olive oil; and selection of regional Spanish cheeses with toast.  And my god, it was bloody good. Especially the oldest jamon iberica which was just wonderful.  I would come back a million times more to eat this giant plate of iberico ham with cheese and bread and rioja, and the most amazingly rich and nutty olive oil, nom nom nom nom nom.

I dare you not to drool (unless you’re a veggie)

Sigh.  Anyway, I wanted to try some of the hot food so we ordered the pan-fried squid with green beans and Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar (below) which was spicy but I have to say not as spectacular as the jamon.  I’d definitely like to come back for more jamon and cheese and rioja but I’d also like to try more hot dishes like tortilla and the rare fillet steak and king prawns and anchovies and pork fillet and belly

Because we ordered the creme de la creme of jamon, it was more expensive than a typical lunch might be (but worth it!) – the giant plate of ham and cheese, with extra squid and rioja was £69 including service (or £34.50 each).  I will most definitely be back and currently plotting further possible trips to Spain. We were also sandwiched between two veeeery touchy-feely first date couples so I’d add this to my list of romantico date places. Oh and check out the HPL recipe for Spanish mayonnaise.

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One response to “Tapas Brindisa, 18-20 Southwark Street, SE1 1TJ

  1. Hi Sasha,

    I loved your critique. as a Spanish I always moan about the low quality of spanish Food in london. your experience however seems to be prove exceptions exist.

    I love tortilla, jamon and salchichon and always bring the suitcase full to stock up the fridge.

    you just have given me a little momentary cure for my homesick 🙂 , thus a brief,yet intense, moment of happiness 🙂

    keep up the good work

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