Bamboula, 12 Acre Lane, SW2 5SG

Bamboula is a simple, relaxed little Caribbean place with a good atmosphere and mixed crowd, great reggae beats and soulful food.  El G, The Man From Snowy River and I went along on Friday but was very sad to hear that they’d run out of Jerk Chicken by 9.30pm – boooo! 

I’ve been a few times already and the jerk chicken has been great, but instead I had ackee & saltfish and the boys had curried goat and chicken curry, all eaten with rice and peas (very tasty), and freshly-made coleslaw (nice and tangy – goes great with the food).  I’m sad they aren’t doing ackee & salfish as a starter anymore as its a great dish to share and good for newcomers to this kind of food to try out – but I loved it as a main too – really interesting, salty, delicate mix of flavours and textures.  

Ackee and saltfish with rice and peas

The meat in the curries was sadly filled with bones, but cooked in a lightly-spiced sauce which our Aussie friend summed up the next day by saying it simply sat really well with him, giving him a great night’s sleep.  This isn’t the most delicate cooking but its what I think of as soul food, because its homely and makes you feel good.

Curried goat with rice and peas

Oh and I’d recommend a beer or the rum cocktails over the wine which doesn’t really sit right with the food and is always served pretty warm.  A main course each and bottle of wine between 3 was £17 each.

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One response to “Bamboula, 12 Acre Lane, SW2 5SG

  1. i’ve been a while wanting to eat Caribbean food. thanks for the critique, well brought.

    yesterday i passed through the Vibe Bar in brick lane and saw this, great branding, lol, I may give it a go next weekend


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