Bandstand Busking – Ed Harcourt in Northampton Square

Have you ever looked at one of London’s old bandstands and thought “wouldn’t it be nice if they used these once in a while“?  Bandstand Busking apparently thought exactly that,  and have set up gigs across London’s bandstands – including Victoria Park and Ruskin Park

Last Sunday myself and a few friends strolled along to Northampton Square near Angel to see the wonderful Ed Harcourt (my favourite song = good friends are hard to find).  You’d pay a fair whack to see him live so it was a real treat to see him up close and free.  My friend did suggest we turn up carrying trumpets dressed as the Salvation Army claiming they’d double-booked the bandstand, but sadly this didn’t materialise.

I wasn’t sure what to expect – I was imagining a packed-out park with standing room only, but it was lovely – small and intimate, with groups of people and kids sitting on rugs enjoying the sunshine, eating dips and drinking beersLiz Green was also meant to play but didn’t turn up, so instead Ed played several songs accoustically with his wife on violin.  It was all new stuff and sounded great, we crowded round the bandstand to watch him play. 

I’d definitely recommend you join the Bandstand Busking Facebook page to find out about more events over the summer – its a great way to get friends together, have a picnic, drinks some beers in the sun, and listen to some great free music too.

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