Daaahn to Margate (and Whitstable)

Did you know that less than 2 hours drive from London you can eat a bowl of cockles and jellied eels on a sandy beach?  If its good enough for Chas n’ Dave and Tracey Emin, its good enough for the HPL. 

We took our wind cheater, bucket & spade and knotted handkerchief, and drove along the coast daaaahn to Margate, Kent. It’s got a gorgeous sandy beach and lovely pier.  Its also got a giant Primark right on the sea front (and everyone in Margate appears to be carrying a giant Primark bag); a huge combined bingo and self-tanning centre; and obligatory amusements.  We managed a beer by the sea but weren’t too inspired by the fish and chips.  I think sadly I’d rather take the Costa Brava.  Anyway, here’s some photos:

We then went back round the coast to the lovely Whitstable which has a long stony beach covered with sea-front beach huts, gorgeous fish stalls and restaurants, and cute little cobbled streets.  I’d definitely go back to stay for the weekend.  No giant Primark or amusements though – depends what you’re looking for.  Here’s some photos:

And lest we forget, here’s how Chas n Dave immortalised Margate:

Well, I’ll be working hard to reach me target,
To earn a few bob for a day trip down to Margate.
I’m gonna blow the lot tomorrow on all me family,
We catch the coach at eight,
So don’t be late,
We’re off to see the sea.
Del: Behave yourself Uncle Albert
Rodney: Or you won’t be going
Down to Margate,
Don’t forget your buckets and spades and cossies and all.
Down to Margate,
We’ll have a pill of jellied eels at the cockle stall.
We’ll go on the pier and we’ll have a beer at the side of the sea.
Down to Margate,
You can keep the costa Brava,
I’m telling you mate, I’d rather
Have a day down Margate with all me family.
You can keep the costa Brava and all that palava
Del: Goin’ to Brava.
Rodney: Del, I’d rather,
Have a day down Margate with all my family.

You can see all the photos I took on my little seaside jaunt on the HPL flickr page.

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