Fush n’ Chups…

…so-called in Scotland, with brown sauce, lots yes please (sadly lacking in London), wrapped in brown paper, and various things deep-fried that shouldn’t really be deep-fried. 

In London, chip shop fish n’ chips are still pretty good and one of life’s guilty pleasures, overlooked older sister to the kebab and burger.  Healthy (ish) too. 

Reminds me of UK seaside holidays; my grandparents who took me too Harry Ramsden’s in Blackpool and I was baffled that all these people queued for hours just for fish and chips; late-night post-pub forays for chips and Irn Bru in the Edinburgh Grassmarket; and that film Wish You Were Here.  Mayonnaise was a late but welcome addition thanks to my Francophone foodie friends.

2 responses to “Fush n’ Chups…

  1. Love a good fish and chips, one of the best comfort foods in the world! Have you tried Ollie’s by Brockwell Park? I love that place.

    Luiz @ The London Foodie

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