Alpine Cheese-fest

None of this no-dairy gluten-free fun-free Londoners’ diet stuff; its all about fresh air, mountains and cheese.  Actually mostly cheese.  Here’s my cheese diary (I skiied a bit too):

Giant bowl of melted fondue cheese, not big enough to swim in sadly

Best eaten with bread, meat platter, guerkins, and salad – nom nom nom


Look!  Some green stuff too! Very healthy!

Croque Monsieur et coca light – tres bon pour le hangover

La Reine pizza et demi pression

Raclette – served with different meats, potatoes, salad and vin rouge

Melted raclette and saucisson, delicieuse…

Burger.  With cheese.

2 responses to “Alpine Cheese-fest

  1. Love it!

    I think they have so much cheese dishes in the Alps to weigh you down and help you ski faster, what do you think?

    You are just missing the the sandwich fromage perhaps:-)

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