Small charitable act #2: Save the Planet

This week I am mostly being inspired by We Are What We Do which encourages you to do small actions regularly to make big changes to the world; and a campaign called The End Of The Line about our over-consumption of fishies and how there won’t be many left if we carry on eating them. 

The HPL believes that its not all about the grand gestures; that by trying to fit small, worthwhile actions into our busy lives, we’ll not only help the communities we live in, but make ourselves happier in the process.  So, this week I tried three small actions to save the planet:

1. Don’t use plastic bags.  No problemo.  I carry this cute little Paperchase shopping bag everywhere I go and use it each time I pop to my local supermarket instead of getting a plastic bag.  I inexplicably photographed it by a lemon – this is to show how small it is to fit into your handbag. 

2.  Turn off the TV.  We tried this last week.  Normally we’d come in, flop on the sofa and watch telly.  Which is fine if you’re watching something half decent (current favourites Glee and Masterchef) but often we sit and watch dross for no other reason than its what we always do and we’re knackered.  So, we turned the TV off.  El G refused to play Trivial Pursuits, I managed to accomplish quite a lot – hand washing, admin, read the paper.  Yes, not the most exciting night of my life but I’m sure if you did it often enough you’d get creativemake a photo album, paint something, play music.

Bluefin tuna – an endangered species that you really shouldn’t eat – bad Nobu!!

3. Don’t eat fish from non-sustainable sources and have Meat-Free Mondays.  This is a new one for me.  I was brought up on a meat/fish and 2 veg diet, so to give it up feels odd.  But if we keep eating over-fished fish then there won’t be any left – our seas will be full of algae and jellyfish, swimming will be rubbish, poor fisherman across the world will lose their livelihood, and we’ll all have to eat jellyfish and as my experience in the Empress of Sichuan showed me – jellyfish tastes like regurgitated grisle.  So, I’m going to check the fish I eat is from a sustainable source and give up all meat and fish every Monday.  Yesterday I started – stir fried tofu and veg for dinner, and it wasn’t bad at all.  I felt somehow “clean“.  Might also lose some weight 🙂

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