Look up, look around, observe – take inspiration from London’s blogs

Assume this position ocassionally when getting from A to B

We Londonders walk looking at our feet, or the people in front, or the road.  We’re always in a hurry, and we rarely look around us or upwards –  at the buildings, the sky, the architecture, the graffiti and signs.  There’s soooo much going on in London that we all miss, and I’m as guilty as anyone for it. 

I’m trying to remember to be curious and look around – I’m finding that a great way to train your eye to see things is to carry a camera and you’ll look for interesting things.   I’ll post what I find from time to time but in the meantime, here’s some blogs which show the hidden history, individuality and beauty of London; and which inspire me:

UPDATE: Tiffany P at Secret London has pointed out that like the silly cah I am, I’ve given the wrong Secret London website, well not the one I was thinking of.  The Secret London everyone’s been talking about recently is here: http://secretcities.com/london/.  Although I quite like the one I found instead, so check it out too!

8 responses to “Look up, look around, observe – take inspiration from London’s blogs

  1. Hey Sasha,

    This is great! Brilliant to see photos of Brixton Market getting out there.


  2. Thanks for the mention! Keep up the good job of inspiring London!

    So-Shan x

  3. Lovely post, I am always so inspired by your blog!

    Luiz @ The London Foodie

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