Guerilla Burger, 36 James Street, Marylebone, W1U 1EA

Rather wet behind the ears to both blogging and twitter, I was delighted to wangle El G and I an invite to Guerilla Burgers for their “skaters” night last night, involving very small taster burgers, crinkle chips, beer (or in my case pinot grigio dahling) and freeness.  As my first free meal as a blogger, I will be forever nostalgic (and as a Scot nothing makes me happier than something I don’t have to pay for) but etiquette requires me to caveat my enthusiasm with the fact that this was a great big PR stunt.  And as such I reckon it worked very well –  it appears that many of London’s food bloggers were there and if they wanted to create a buzz they certainly did. 

Spot the food blogger

Guerilla Burgers is part of the Giraffe family (gorilla, giraffe?) – which may put some people off, but personally my favourite breakfast in the world, ever, is made by Giraffe – huevos rancheros with a bloody mary on the side.  Sweat-inducing vitamin-laden hangover-cure goodness.

It’s the newest addition to London’s burgeoning burger scene – along with the likes of Byron Burger, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Grand Union, etc.  Along with non-Spanish tapas, burger joints seem like the new big thing – a result of Americanisation or because the burger is the ultimate guilty pleasure

The venue is cool – Americano diner-style with pop art murals and extra friendly smiley staff (although go easy on that, we’re still British y’know).  The huge windows will make it lovely, light and airy in the summer and its location behind Selfridges on the edge of Marylebone would make it the perfect spot for post-shopping lunches

The menu looks pretty good – unashamedly Americano with “slaw salad”, hotdogs, fish tacos, burgers, beers and milkshakes.   We only got a taster of the food but what we got was great.  Mini burgers with juicy patties; with salad, tomato relish and tarragon sauce on the side.  I think the idea is that most people take the stuff inside their burgers OUT before eating – but I’m the kind of person who piles it all IN so I’d have been happy for the salad and sauces to come inside the burger.  Anyway, the burgers were tasty and I loved the tarragon sauce (and French’s mustard!).  The sides of crinkle chips were good and girls will definitely go for the sweet potato chips which were sweet and light. 

All in all, we only got a taste of the place, but certainly enough to want us to come back for more.  And if anyone else wants to give me more free things then please feel free!

Etiquette stopped me from drinking the tarragon sauce and licking the plate.  Just.

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4 responses to “Guerilla Burger, 36 James Street, Marylebone, W1U 1EA

  1. i was there and it was good.hopefully there will be more places that will incur free benefits! 😉 btw saw this post in the guerilla burgers twitter….love the blog!

    • Thanks very much charitojc – had a look at your blog too – did you just start? Love the idea, similar to this – inspiring people to go to new places and do new things… Am following you on twitter now so will keep up with the things you do! Good luck!

      Sasha @ The Happiness Project London

  2. hi sasha! yes just started.its gets me out and about really as im still umemployed so this is my way of dealing.have u joined qype yet?you get to go on events in and around town..good experience.well keep in tuned and btw there are classes for women that boost their well being more:

    think it be good for the HPL!thanks sasha..hopefully we can join forces together soon.take care x

  3. We went there today and were impressed, especially by the cheerful service. Waiters who actually seem happy to be there always make a place! My friend commented afterwards that the portions ‘weren’t American’ but in a good way.

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