Some photos of Brixton Market

Here are some photos I’ve taken at Brixton market over the last two weekends, checking out the new pop-up shops and restaurants.  First of all, yes these photos still aren’t very good.  I needed to take them at a long shutter speed to get the light, but forgot to bring my tripod.  Also, still feel like a bit of a twat taking photos in public so I tend not to take enough time over them.  Anyway, these should give you at least a taste of the newly “popped-up” Brixton market.  Oh and the burger I had afterwards (at SW9, good burger – and they had some other interesting-sounding burgers like kangaroo and carrot, wild boar and ostrich – but not going to review due to sight welcoming me in the toilets – put me off my food almost as much as the one-eared cat in Antalya).

2 responses to “Some photos of Brixton Market

  1. I always feel like an idiot as well taking photos in public – we need to get over it though – heaps of people do it and hopefully everyone will just think you are a stupid tourist who doesn’t live in London!

    • I’ve finally got over it Gourmet Chick! Although I take out my small camera only for dinners…

      I love carrying the camera around with me everywhere too – like the Little London Observationist I hope to find little hidden gems!

      Sasha @ The Happiness Project London

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