Nando’s Bike Club

Why did the chicken cross the road?
Because he belonged to the NBC.

Created by my friend Max, the NBC combines two very serious pastimes – cycling in and around London; and eating in Nandos.  With 78 members so far, the NBC is a way to join like-minded people on cycling trips along scenic routes, trying to incorporate higbrow cultural and educational enlightenment, and peri peri chicken, on the way. 

I’ll leave the full description to the NBC (emphasis and photos added):

“The Nando’s Bike Club is an elite and extremely serious members club.

We were established in 2004 with the worthy aim of uniting people, cycles and Nando’s restaurants. The NBC travels to many destinations, always eating at a Nando’s along the way and ideally stopping by a place of interest to learn something. Ultimately, our mission is to nourish stomachs, muscles and minds.

Only the trip leader will know our route or destination so the rest of the coup has developed a unique blend of faith and courage making us a force to be reckoned with – chickens we are not.

Previous locations have included Richmond Park, Hatfield, High Wycombe, Harlow, Harrow, Hornchurch, Enfield, Ealing Common^, Kingston on Thames, Kentish Town [just a quick stop – nothing ordered], Greenwich, Uxbridge, Epsom, Staines, Stroud Green [our official HQ]. St. Albans, Lea Valley*, Malden, Merton, Orpington, Bluewater, Bromley, Bushey*, Beckton and Barnes. Although trips are based around London, we also plan more adventurous overnight outings – Cambridge, Chatham, Canterbury, Crawley, Colchester, Maidstone, Tonbridge*, Oxford, Poole, Epping Forest*, Brighton, Basingstoke and Sheerness (Isle of Sheppey)* have all been roasted. We put our money where our beaks are; on the Brighton Run, we managed to consume an unprecedented two Nando’s in one day [FYI: Crawley and Brighton]. Have a look at our photos before you decide whether you are willing to commit to such an noble organisation.

Your formal acceptance into the Club (transforming you from Fledgling to Chick) will be subject to you planning – and leading – an appropriate route for the meeting. Please take care to utilise less travelled, more scenic routes where appropriate, avoiding dirt tracks (out of consideration for our road bike users).

It goes without saying that Nando’s should be the ultimate focus of your route. Our members do like to learn as they cycle, so any educational slant you can bring would be appreciated.

In addition, the ability to create chicken and bicycle-related puns is a bonus.

*Unfortunately there was no Nando’s at this destination – Nando’s was therefore consumed at another location along the way
^Alas, we arrived to early so this historic Nando’s (first in the UK!) wasn’t yet open for poultry consumption.”

So, if you’re into cycling and chicken, the NBC  – Burning Rubber and Poultry –  might be your best bet.  They even met Eric Parker, Nando’s co-founder:

Check out the Facebook group for more information, details of the latest trips, and photos, contact the Roosters and join the next trip!


3 responses to “Nando’s Bike Club

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  2. laura di vincenzo

    il mio non è un commento,io sono alla ricerca del signor ferdinando e la foto che ho appena visto sopra ha un’aria familiare, mi chiedo se è lui ,parlo della foto dove al centro c’è questo signore anziano e di lato due ragazzi.Per favore potete rispondere alla mia domanda?A da tanti anni che lo cerco.Grazie a presto
    Laura Di Vincenzo

    • Hi Laura I don’t speak Italian but I just did a google translate:

      mine is not a comment, I am in search of Mr. Ferdinand, and I’ve just seen the photo above looks familiar, I wonder if he is, I speak in the middle of the picture where there is this old man and two side ragazzi.Per you please answer my question? A for many years in the cerco.Grazie prestoLaura Di Vincenzo

      I still don’t quite know what you are talking about but I’ll pass your message on to Max! Sasha x

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