Into The Hoods @ Queen Elizabeth Hall (16 December – 10 January)

I saw Into The Hoods at its run at The Novello Theatre where it got seriously good reviews.   Although the story doesn’t matter too much, its an urban nursery rhyme/fairy tale set in an estate and featuring locals with impossibly tight six packs (yes even the ladies) and amazing street dance skills.  It managed to walk the line between serious hip hop and street dance credentials – it was opened by a rap poem and featured awesome dancers – and a sort of West End musical feel. 

The music included the Gorillaz, Snoop Dog, Jay-Z, Prince and Black Eyed Peas and my only criticism was that, like many West end shows, they included a “celebrity” in the guise of tiny munchkin George Sampson who was not only worse than the other dancers but meant that the audience was full of shrieking girls.  Hopefully, the new version is sans Georgie boy.   If you’re interested in the Diversity/America’s Best Dance Crew sort of thing (I LOVE it -energetic and athletic), then definitely go along.

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